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SOS Mid Court Disruptions

Red Same, Red Opposite, Red Mid, and Red Rover are SOS mid court disruptive scenarios that are used in short intervals to change tempo, create easy baskets and disrupt half court, execution of an opponent's set offense. Additionally, these mid court scenarios may be used to take the ball out of the hands of a good penetrating point guard.

In these aggressive SOS half court disruptions, the ballhandler is trapped in the front court area near the sideline hash mark. As in the "Base Go Red" baseline trap scenario, the non-trapping players form a Triangle I. When a pass is made out of the mid court trap, as the ball leaves the passer's hands SOS "Near Player" rotations occur. SOS mid court disruptions end in either "Base Go Red" or "Base Go I" which is predetermined by the coach.

All of these half court SOS disruptions differ only on who becomes the initial trapping defender:

Click on desired half court press to view graphically illustrated details.

"Red Same" - X3 or X4 trap

SOS Red Same

"Red Opposite" - X2 traps

SOS Red Opposite

"Red Mid" - X2 traps

SOS Red Mid

"Red Rover 4" - X4 designated trapper

SOS Red Rover 4

"Red Rover 5" - X5 designated trapper

SOS Red Rover 5