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SOS Switching

SOS Switching Concepts

Things to discover or recall:

Switching is an integral part of the SOS Pressure Defense system.
Automatic switching eliminates any hesitation and cuts down the number of fouls committed.
"Screen-Over-Switch" are the basic SOS terms for switching action.
Off-Ball screens are disrupted by aggressivley attacking the passing lanes.
A "Hi-Lo" switching technique is used to defend baseline screens.
Aggressively switch On-Ball screens above the free throw line extended, and aggressive trap On-Ball screens below free throw line extended.

Two on two switching has always been a subject of healthy debate in coaching circles. It is now, out of necessity, becoming somewhat more widely used, but still frowned upon by many basketball "purists." However, in our opinion, it is by far the most effective and potent pressure "D" maneuver against the modern day OFF and ON ball screening offenses. Therefore, Contact Switching is an important and integral part of the SOS Pressure Defensive System.

Specific reasons for "Contact Switching" rules are listed in order of importance:

These pluses more than balance the occasional mismatch of players. In situations where mismatches do occur, immediate and automatic traps are in effect using the Near Player rotations.



SOS Switching Techniques

Screen Over Switch are the basic SOS terms used for switching action. First, the defender guarding the screen calls out the word "Screen" to alert their teammate of the impending screen, and then hedges "Over" one stride to block the pathway of the offensive player moving off the screen. For the final action, "Switch" is called out as the defender assigned to the screener switches to guard the offensive player coming off the screen while the second defender switches simultaneously to the player setting the screen.



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