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SOS Switching Techniques

Switching is an important and integral part of the SOS Pressure Defensive System. Switching can totally disrupt any type of screening offensive flow. Automatic contact switching on all ON and OFF ball screens eliminates hesitation on the part of the defenders, denying quick catches, thus negating the open jump shots coming off screens.

Screen Over Switch are the basic SOS terms used for switching action. First, the defender guarding the screen calls out the word "Screen" to alert their teammate of the impending screen, and then hedges "Over" one stride to block the pathway of the offensive player moving off the screen. For the final action, "Switch" is called out as the defender assigned to the screener switches to guard the offensive player coming off the screen while the second defender switches simultaneously to the player setting the screen.

Screen and Roll Switching Techniques:

SOS "On Ball" switching has two scenarios. One above the free throw line and one below the free throw line. Above the free throw line an aggressive contact switch is executed to deny all quick jump shots and middle penetrations. Below the free throw line, an aggressive trap is utilized near the base or corner checkpoints.

  1. On Ball Screen set ABOVE free throw line extended.

  2. On Ball Screen set BELOW the free throw line extended.

Off Ball Switching Techniques:

The purpose of SOS "Off Ball" switching is to disrupt screening action away from the ball by aggressively attacking the passing lanes, and denying the "catch" and quick jump shot by an offensive player coming off a screen.

  1. Down Screens

  2. Back Screens

  3. Base Screens

  4. High Post Rub Screens





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