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Reverse Action Offense

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The Reverse Action Offense was first introduced and utilized by Hall of Fame Coach, Pete Newell, back in the late fifties. Although the basic guard around continuity is fairly simple, it is a bear to defend because of its precise execution and footwork. The weakside wing's rub cut off a post screen to the basket is its most recognizable option; however, Reverse Action also affords for a very strong post up game along with a two player guard around isolation along with providing numerous quick hitting counters against any defensive overplay.

Basic Continuity:

O1 makes an entry pass to wing O3 and executes a guard around cut to the corner. If a shot is not available on the guard around action, the weakside wing O4 then makes a rub cut off O5 to the basket. Off guard O2 moves to center of court for a possible reverse pass from O3.

If O4 does not receive a pass on the reverse action rub cut or posting up, O3 then makes a reversal pass out to O2. O2 in turn passes to O5 stepping out and executes a guard around cut with O5 to the corner. O1 moves out to the center of the court as O3 rubs off O4's screen.

The Reverse Action continuity continues when O5 makes a reversal pass out to O1.


Reverse Action Cut

The key to the Reverse Action offense is patience and execution of off ball post screens. Since offensive options are dictated by how the defense is playing, players must be efficient in recognizing and attacking defensive deployment. It takes three components to successfully execute an off ball screen: Passer, Screener, and Receiver. All three have to think and function as one unit. This requires proper footwork, timing, non-verbal communication, and experience. Proper screen execution does not only free up shooters, but it also eliminates any offensive fouls.

Over the Top Cut

Read: Defender plays low.

As the ball is being passed to the opposite wing, O3 walks defender X3 into the post's screen. If the defender plays to low or baseline side, O3 fakes low and cuts high over the top of O4's screen.

Baseline Cut

Read: Defender plays high.

When the defender X3 plays high in a pass denial position, O3 fakes high and cuts low off O4's screen.

Screener Pop Option

Read: Post Defender Shows & Recovers.

Any time the post defender X4 drops off to help out against the wing cut, post O4 steps up anticipating a pass from wing O5.

Screener Dives

Read: Defender plays high.

When the defense Switches against the rub cut, the screener O4 assumes a position facing the passer. O3 steps defender X3 down and then cuts over the top of O4's screen as the defender X5 switches, screener O4 breaks directly to the basket for a feed from O5.


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