Determining Your Shooting Range

"Hoped Shots" rarely end up in the basket.

All players must know and adhere to their shooting abilities and shooting range. During a game players should work hard to create a open shot within their range, and not let their ego's or outside pressures take them outside their range.

Early in the season players need to determine their shooting range for all five spokes (right baseline, left baseline, right wing,left wing and straight out from basket). In almost all cases, each of these spokes will have a different range.

Range Finder Drill

Range Finder Drill

Two Ball Shooting Drill

This drill is best with three players and two balls (rebounder, feeder and shooter). However, it can be done with just two players (rebounder & shooter). The shooter keeps shooting the ball along one of the designated shooting spokes (area).

Any time the shooter makes three shots in a row, they take a step backwards (away from the basket).Any time they miss three shots in a row, they take one step forward. Players will quickly find their comfort or sweet spot.

Players should check their ranges periodically as needed. Shooting range can be increased with improved shooting techniques and form (practice) as well as improving physical strength.