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Basketball Tips & Ideas – May 2010

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Time Management, SOS Pressure Defense,  Featured Play: Horns Set Offense

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Coaching Strategies: Time Management

Coaching can be a very time (24/7/365) consuming endeavor. There will never be enough hours in the day. Therefore, making the most of the time that you have is vital. In almost all cases, the real problem is not a lack of time, but actually a poor usage of time. In addition to a well thoughtout program master, time management and efficiency is a key ingredient to any success. With proper time management you can get more things done, in less time, and with less stress. Learn about managing your time wisely – Click Here

SOS Pressure Defense: Key to playing and teaching hard-nosed  defense

The SOS Pressure Defensive system is based on the concept of total disruption. Total disruption is achieved by having the defense initiate the action and attacking the offense, forcing the offensive players to react and move away from their normal offensive actions. SOS pressure “D” can disrupt the most potent offenses with techniques and tactics that dictate the flow of the game. These defensive tactics set the tempo by striking first rather than reacting to an opponent’s game plan. Defensive Guru, Bob Kloppenburg, shares the basics of pressure “D” at its devastating best!

To learn more about SOS Defense – Click Here

Featured Play: “Horns” Offense

Horns Set Offense

There is an ever increasing number of teams using the Horns or “V” offense. This offensive set is primarily designed to utilize basic mid screen and roll action; however, it also creates open outside shot opportunities for good spot up, outside shooters.

By deploying a second high post screener, it allows the ball handler the option of driving off a screen in either direction. Since screens are available on both sides, unlike it’s cousin the Mid Screen, the Horns offense cannot be disrupted by simply influencing the ball handler away from the screen. Having both screeners high, also, clears out any baseline defensive help on the point’s drive. View graphically illustrated details –  Premium Members Click Here

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