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Basketball Strategies – December 2011

Advanced Basketball Defense For iPad & Kindle

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The key to building a solid offense
Hustle and Desire is what puts points on the scoreboard
Reinforcing player learning through HoopTactics
Prerequisites for successfully attacking zone defenses

Coaching Tip: Defense – The Key to Building a Successful Offense

When practicing and refining offense in a half court scrimmage (5‐on‐5) situation, have the defense switch to offense only after making five or six defensive stops (defensive rebounds and turnovers). In requiring 4 or 5 defensive stops to go to offense, it will encourage and motivate the defense to play harder. As a result, by practicing against tough defense, it will definitely help the offense better prepare for actual games.

Player Tips: Hustle and Desire is What Puts Points on the Board

Loose BallMany players are under the misconception that they have to be a great shooter or shoot a lot in order to score. Still others are constantly being pressured and influenced into shooting more during a game by parents and/or so called “advisors” and personal trainers. However, in most cases, this selfish advice is given out without regard to a total team effort or to the outcome of the game. In addition, players spend countless hours working on their shooting form and individual moves. However, players should realize that to become a proficient and consistent scorer it only requires hustle, aggressiveness and determination. To learn much more:  Click Here

Player Development: Reinforcing Player Learning

Are you aware that is an excellent way to supplement and reinforce your on the court instruction? Motor skill learning is vastly improved when mental learning takes place between practice sessions. This is where can become a real tutor and help. Knowing why and when is just as important as how. Student Premium Membership is only $19.95 – Click Here

Coaching Strategies: Prerequisites for successfully attacking zone defenses

Do not ever leave attacking zones up to chance.The need for a solid zone attack is paramount on every level of the game. Attacking man to man defenses and zone defenses are two distinct endeavors. Attacking man to man defenses requires player movement and individual skills; whereas, in attacking zone defenses ball movement and a total team effort is involved. Before under taking any specific zone offense, coaches and players must first have a working knowledge of the basic principles and techniques required to successfully combat zone defenses.

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