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Basketball Tips & Strategies – August 2012

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What it takes to be an Athlete
Teaching and Learning
Motor Skill Learning and Conditioning
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Player Development: What it Takes to Be an Athlete

Being a true athlete does not imply merely wearing the uniform and being just a member of the squad. Players should not wish to participate in sports, they should wish to become successful in sports. There are many important phases to think about if they want to be a champion, not only in basketball but in life as well. Being a true athlete is by no means an easy job. Throughout the course of the season they will be pushed and trained hard to become the best that they are capable of becoming. To undergo such an athletic endeavor, they must prepare themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. This requires a change of life style and new, dedicated friends. Ones that have similar goals and work ethics. Ones that will lead by example and push them in their pursuit of greatness.

As athletes, they must realize that they are in the public spotlight at all times. Their conduct, what they say and do, makes news. This imposes a great need for self control. They should never risk destroying a whole career because of an off the court mistake. It is a cinch to find someone to lead them down the wrong path in life. It takes strong determination to resist the temptations that exist. Just as one works for years to become a top athlete, they should work just as hard to develop their image as a person, their pattern of conduct, and the standards by which they are known and respected.

Caution: Despite all the time, dedication and work required in becoming a top notch athlete, there are no guarantees. There is some risk involved in that they may not achieve their goal of playing on the highest levels of the game. However, no matter what,  they will become, to some degree, like the best in the world.  To learn more – Click Here

Coaching Strategies: Teaching & Learning

To be successful players must gain a working knowledge of the game. What, when and why should be very clear and specific. Learning is best when it includes activities using as many senses as possible. Learners remember 10% of what is read, 20% of what is heard (75% is forgotten after 2 days), 30% of what is seen (majority of learning), and 50% of what is heard and seen. Different players learn in different ways and rates. Encourage players to learn individually, in pairs and in teams. Learning is further enhanced when it is relevant and fully understood by the learner, such as the importance of boxing out on rebounds.

Be sure to teach players to listen. Demand and get eye contact of all players prior to speaking. It is imperative that any time a coach talks everyone listens (including assistant coaches). Also, make sure that the entire coaching staff is well coordinated and uses the same offensive and defensive terminology. Do not over coach and keep instructions simple. Talk to players’ level. Whenever possible use short descriptive terms. Clarify rather than confuse. Tell players what you are going to teach them, teach them, and tell them what you taught them.

Coaching Strategies: Motor Skill Learning & Conditioning

Basketball skills require active learning. The best way to learn basketball is to practice BASKETBALL. However, to be effective, basketball skills and techniques must be learned and practiced at game speed. Pay attention to detail. Precise execution and footwork are vital. Repetition is a must for motor learning. Motor learning also requires visualization and mental practice.

ConditioningMotor learning is dependent on physical conditioning. Superior conditioning does not just happen nor is it acquired quickly. It is the result of a well planned and executed program of exercise, rest, and diet. Rest and diet is just as important as exercise. Training is exacting and the responsibility is heavy. What is done off the court is as important as what is done on it. To be successful, each player as well as the team collectively, must be possessed with the desire and determination to develop superior physical condition. Throughout the course of the season the team will be pushed and trained hard. However, it is going to be up to each individual to see that their maximum physical condition is achieved and maintained. Anything less is a violation of a trust. To learn more – Premium Members Click Here



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