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Basketball Tips & Strategies December 2012


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Attacking Out Numbered Situations
Breakaways (1-on-0,  2-on-0)
Attacking 2-on-1 Situations
Attacking 3-on-1 Situations
Attacking 3-on-2 Situations
Attacking 3-on-3 Situations
Coaching Tip: Missed Layups

 Attacking the Out Number Situations

“You Must Score to be Successful.”

Coaches, on all levels, should not make the mistake of assuming and taking for granted that players are skilled in attacking out numbered situations. In fact, there are very few coaches that actually take the time to teach or reinforce the fundamentals and principles required to successfully attack and score on out number situations. Failure to take advantage and capitalize on these situations will not only make the difference in winning or losing close games, it will also cancel any great defensive effort that created the out numbered situation in the first place.

Breakaways (1-on-0, 2-on-0)

Main Objective: Layup shot and steal

On all breakaways, it is imperative that you score. It is important that the player take as few dribbles as possible to get to the basket in order to prevent any defensive pursuit (wolf) catching up with them from behind. Teammates should attempt to cut off defensive pursuit and/or get into rebounding position to follow any missed shot. A 5-on-0 situation should never occur. The last two players, trailer and safety, should not go beyond half court and assume defensive responsibilities to prevent any counter break if/when the ball is turned over on the break away or ready to apply full court pressure after a successful basket.  

Players should be taught to go in hard to the basket and lay the ball up soft staying inbounds after shooting the lay up. Staying inbounds will force the shooter to go vertically on the shot rather than just throwing it up (vomiting) they run under the basket. When coming from a wing angle shooters should also stay above the block so that they can easily use the backboard on the shot.

In most cases, after giving up an easy break away on a solo lay up, the opponents are frustrated and disorganized, and, as a result, are very careless in bounding the ball (taking ball out with back to court, wrong player taking it out, etc). This provides an excellent opportunity for the shooter to curl around and steal the inbounds pass.

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Attacking 2-on-1 Situations

Main Objective: Layup and steal

2 on 1 fast break

On any two on one situation, it is important to attack the basket and obtain a lay up. The ball should be advanced by passing between players with little or no dribbling. This will allow the ball to get down the court faster and prevent the defender from focusing on just one player. Once in the scoring area, players should be alert to read and counter the defender’s action. CAUTION: The passer, after making a pass, must always be alert to stop and avoid charging into the defender.  

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Attacking 3-on-1 Situations

Main Objective: To create a two-on-one situation and obtain a layup shot.

If at all possible, on a three on one situation the offensive players should immediately try to create a break away or a two on one situation by passing the ball ahead. Otherwise, the defender will just take a defensive position near the basket and force a jump shot.

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Attacking 3-on-2 Situations

Main Objective: Open jump shot and putback (on miss).

3 on 2 fast break situation



On a three on two situation, whenever possible pass the ball ahead and try to create a 2-on-1 situation for a lay up shot.  However, unless the defense is extremely poor or has a breakdown, a lay up shot will not be feasible. Therefore, on 3-on-2 situations the offense should be content with taking an open jump shot and taking real advantage of the out number situation to rebound any missed shot. 

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Attacking 3-on-3 Situations

Main Objective: Create a 3-on-2 situation or flow directly into early offense

On a three on three situation, whenever possible, the ball handler should try to drive past the middle defender and create a 3 on 2 situation. If not possible, then flow directly into early offense.

The key to a successful early push is a team’s ability to make the transition to offense and bust out faster than the opponent can make a defensive transition and get back. If executed to perfection early push usually ends up with an easy shot off an out numbered situation. However, gaining an out numbered player advantage is not the only benefit from an early push. Easy baskets and/or defensive fouls are also a result of the defensive players not having enough time to set up, and often end up out of position unable to make a play. Easy baskets and defensive fouls off player mismatches are another benefit to the early push, since the defensive players do not have ample amount of time to assume their desired matchups.

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Coaching Tip: Missed Layups

Basketball is a game of habits. Missed layups during a game can be traced directly back to practice. Do not ignore or tolerate missed layups in practice. Good rule: anytime a layup is missed in any drill, the player has automatic 10 pushups. If a passer is involved on a missed layup, they too have 10 push ups. Players will quickly understand the importance of finishing and start concentrating in making their layups which will carry over to games.

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