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Basketball Tips & Strategies – June

Quick Tip: Real Competitors

Real competitors are those special players that come to play every time they step on the court. They are a team’s hardest workers constantly, improving. They are not the type that scream at their teammates or officials or kick trash cans after the game. They are the type that are determined and just plain enjoy playing. Competitors are those players that players love to play with not against, spectators love to watch, and coaches love to coach.

Coaching Tips: Coach Players Not the System

It’s not what you run, but how you run it that counts. Basketball is not a game of offenses and defenses, but a game of effort and execution. Develop ALL of your players to the best of their capabilities. Coaching great players is easy. Where great coaches excel is in getting the most out of every player on the squad regardless of physical abilities and skills. Establish significant roles and responsibilities for every player on the squad. If you can’t, then release them. If you experience problems during games, go back and work on basic fundamentals and execution. Do not change or add new plays.

Player Tips: Developing a Strong Inside Game

Power Lay-Up

Posting up is a big part of the game of basketball. It is truly an advantage to have a dominant force inside. However, post ups are not limited to just big men, ALL players, regardless of size, should be proficient in posting up strong and executing basic post moves To exploit mismatches is much better to take the defender inside than to go one‐on‐one from the outside. The reason being, posting up eliminates any defenders from sagging off and helping out against dribble penetration. How are your post moves? Do you have a strong power lay up? Can you shoot the baby hook from both sides? Do you know how to read and seal off the defense? Do you have a deadly “Turn‐a‐round Jumper”? Can you counter a post double team? You should work just as hard on mastering post moves as you do your outside moves. Learn more about developing a strong inside game – Click Here

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