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Basketball Tips & Strategies – November 2008

Quick Tip: Teaching & Learning

Use positive reinforcement and point out successful performances rather than negative ones. Find reasons to praise and encourage rather than condemn. Use constructive criticism when appropriate, but never yell. Have you ever heard of a successful teacher that yells at their students?

Coaching Tips: Why the need for early offense?

The main reason for early offense, accompanied by flow action, is to force the defense to react rather than act! This simply put is to advance the ball quickly into the front court areas and attack before the defense is able to become organized into a disruptive force. As a defensive specialists over the many years of coaching, we have found that the most difficult teams to defend were the ones with offenses that pushed the ball into the front court area in the time span of 3 to 5 seconds. This early offense push creates quick medium jump shots, or penetration lay‐ups, or kick out passes for scores to occur before the defense had a chance to set up and disrupt any organized set play.

We have also found that when teams walked the ball up the court or call out plays, they were much easier to defend because the defense is able to get its players back into positions near the basket were they could execute pressure denials, traps to disrupt the offensive flow and to force rushed shots as time on the clock became a factor. To learn more – Click Here

Coaching Tips: The Importance of Defensive Stops

Defensive Stops are the determining factor of any game. A Defensive Stop is a possession in which the opposing team does not score. Defensive Stops occur as result of offensive turnovers and defensive rebounds. Defensive Stops don’t just happen. They are a product of solid defensive play.

  • Defensive Stops are a key element to all offensive runs. It doesn’t do much good to score, if you don’t keep your opponent from scoring. 14 to 2 and 10 to 0 blitzes are a result of combining defensive stops and scoring.
  • Defensive Stops allow you to play through adversity. Defensive Stops during a game buy you critical time when your offense is performing badly and not scoring. If you should experience a four or five minute scoring drought, Defensive Stops will keep you in the game and minimize the hemorrhaging. Instead of falling behind by double digits, you may only lose 2 or 4 points.
  • Defensive Stops neutralize and erase offensive mistakes. Offensive turnovers or bad shots, no matter how severe, can be simply “erased” or cancelled out just by hustling back on defense and making a defensive stop. The only turnovers that hurt are the ones that the opponent scores after.
  • Defensive Stops are vital after bad calls and offensive charging fouls. A bad call by an official, no matter how bad, can be simply “erased” or cancelled out just by turning up the defensive intensity and making a defensive stop on the ensuing possession. During a game a charge/block foul can be a 50/50 call. Anytime an offensive charge is called, it can be “erased” or neutralized with a defensive stop.
  • Defensive Stops are a must after allowing offensive rebounds. Increasing the defensive intensity and determination and making a defensive stop is crucial after giving up an opponent rebound. Like turnovers, the only opponent offensive rebounds that hurt are the ones that they score after.
  • Defensive Stops are also crucial in catching up at the end of a game. All the scoring in the world will do you little good if you don’t keep the other team from scoring.
  • Defensive Stops are also crucial protecting a hard earned lead at the end of a game. End of game leads can evaporate quickly without defensive stops. The best way to protect the lead is by making defensive stops.

Player Tips: Motor Learning & Conditioning

Basketball skills require active learning. The best way to learn basketball is to practice BASKETBALL. However, to be effective, basketball skills and techniques must be learned and practiced at game speed. Pay attention to detail. Precise execution and footwork are vital. Repetition is a must for motor learning. Motor learning also requires visualization and mental practice.

Motor learning is dependent on physical conditioning. Superior conditioning does not just happen nor is it acquired quickly. It is the result of a well planned and executed program of exercise, rest, and diet. Rest and diet is just as important as exercise. Training is exacting and the responsibility is heavy. What is done off the court is as important as what is done on it. To be successful, each player as well as the team collectively, must be possessed with the desire and determination to develop superior physical condition. Throughout the course of the season the team will be pushed and trained hard. However, it is going to be up to each individual to see that their maximum physical condition is achieved and maintained. Anything less is a violation of a trust. To learn more – Premium Members Click Here

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