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Basketball Strategies – July 2010

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Clemson University’s Basketball Class Pilot Program
Player Development: Creating Solid Leads
Feature Play: Spread Motion Offense

Clemson University’s Adopts HoopTactics

Clemson University’s Basketball Coaching Class replaces textbooks with the HoopTactics website. “HoopTactics was a HUGE addition to our class” according to instructor Ed Fry, a 29 year “vet” of high school and college coaching. With the cost and limitations of textbooks now days, it surely makes sense to use an online reference. This does not only save students money, but most importantly, greatly enhances the students’ learning experience. Coach Fry integrated with the HoopTactics website using written assignments and student discussion board posts.

View sample written assignment 
View sample discussion board post

Teaching a basketball coaching class or hosting a coaches clinic? Contact HoopTactics for more particulars in teaming up with HoopTactics. Click Here.

Player Development: Creating Good Leads

Learning how to get open without the ball is a vital, but often most overlooked, component of a success offensive attack. All the basketball plays and individual moves in the world are useless when a receiver receives the ball out of position. Therefore, with today’s pressure defenses, it is important for receivers to possess the abilities and skills to get open while maintaining proper court spacing. Learn more: Five proven techniques that every player should master – Premium Members Click Here

Featured Play: Spread Offense

Spread Offense

The SPREAD Offense is 3-2 no post, motion offense. Since all five players are involved in the continuity, all players should be skilled passing and handling the basketball. Although, only a couple of basic cuts take place, the key to its success is the players being able to read and counter the defensive over plays. Learn More – Click Here

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