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Basketball Strategies – August 2010

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Evolution of the Game
Master Practice Planning
12 Basic Offensive Alignments
Player Training & Conditioning

Evolution of the Game – Chronological Look at the Major Refinements

Dr. Naismith, with all of his imaginative planning, could not have dreamed his “Peach Basket” game would develop into the world’s greatest indoor sport. Although the original 13 rules have been expanded to over 100, the spirit and principles of the original rules are still in effect in today. Major rule changes over the years addressed the number of players, the court boundaries, dribbling, and the elimination of the center jump after made baskets. In the mid 1930’s inter-sectional competition led to a standardization of rules throughout the country. More – Click Here

Master Practice Plan- The Blue Print for a Successful Season

The practice of planning in advance not only assures one of a well organized and efficient practice, but also makes it possible to get more accomplished. Reasons for taking the time to develop a master plan:

  • Guarantees the maximum use of the time available.
  • Assures coverage of all phases of the game.
  • Eliminates over emphasis of any one phase.
  • Maintains better player interest.
  • Creates an environment more conducive to learning.
  • Provides foundation for efficient daily practices.

Creating a Master Plan – Click Here  Premium Members – Click Here

Offensive Strategies: Twelve (12) Basic Offensive Alignments

There are 12 commonly used offensive alignments. These different alignments are designed to take advantage of the strengths of a team’s specific player personnel. A good offensive strategist not only knows the advantages and disadvantages of each alignment, but more importantly when to employ them. This may vary from game to game or even year to year. View Alignments – Click Here

Player Development: Traning & Physical Conditioning

Superior conditioning does not just happen nor is it acquired quickly. It is the result of a well planned and executed program of exercise, rest, and diet. Training is exacting and the responsibility is heavy. What is done off the court is as important as what is done on it. To be successful, each player as well, as the team collectively, must possessed the desire and determination to develop superior physical condition. View Conditioning Guidelines: Premium Members – Click Here

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