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Basketball Tips & Strategies – April 2012

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Importance of Setting Goals
Total Program Evaluation
Off Season Player Skill Development
Player Responsibility for Improving Skills
Value & Benefits of Playing 3-on-3

Coaching Tips: Setting Goals is a Key to Success

After a long season, coaches need to take some time off to recuperate and re‐charge their batteries. However, before doing so, while it is fresh in your mind, review, analyze and evaluate the past season. Examine exactly what was accomplished, what was successful, and what needs to be improved in the coming year. Then use this information to set goals and objectives for the coming season. Caution: Setting goals, like potential energy, is useless until action is taken to implement and achieve them.

Total Program Evaluation Invaluable to Successful Goal Setting

Basketball coaches, just like any other member of the teaching profession, need to evaluate their own program and personal performance. Personal evaluations are something that is generally disliked. However, they are vital to the improvement of any coach and basketball program, especially the self‐evaluations.

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 Player Development: Off Season Training

From October to April, teams are made. From April to October, individual players are made. This is the time of the year that players must develop and improve their individual basketball skills and techniques along with their physical attributes. However, to be successful, they must first take the time to do a self‐evaluation.

Players should compile a list of the things they did well this past season, and the things they must or could improve. Things that they can do to make themsellves more solid, stronger, aggressive and intelligent when they take the court this coming season. They should also seek input and specific recommendations for off season improvement from their coaches . Then use this self‐evaluation to plan and execute their off season workouts and skill development.

 Player Development: Do It Yourself Program

Baba Watson’s recent winning of  the Masters’ Golf Tournament is a prime example of self motivation and development. He won the most prestigious professional tournament in golf without ever taking a golf lesson. He has learned and perfected the game of golf on his own initiative.

Basketball is like a savings account at a bank. What you put into it, is exactly what you will get out of it. Players must prepare for the best. They should work individually on the things they need to improve, not just their strengths. Players do not need to depend on coaches, parents or personal trainers to be successful. They must be self-motivated and rely on themselves.  Individual improvement is not all fun and games. Much of off season skill development is repetitive, monotonous and tedious. Bad habits can be practiced as well as good. However, remember: “If it’s going to be. . . It’s up to me.” – George Raveling.

Player Development: Playing Three-on-Three

Players should organize and play a lot of three-on-three half court competition during the off season. Since 3-on-3 provides for much more shooting, passing, rebounding, screening, and defensive repetitions, it is by far, the most efficient and effective use of their time in practicing and improving their fundamental skills. 

In a full court game of approximate a hour and a half, How many shots does a player take? How many rebounds do theygrab? How many passes do they make? How many screens do they set and use? How many times do they guard a player with the ball? How many times do they defend against dribble penetration? How many times do they guard a player without the ball? Compare these figures with the totals that they would receive in playing the same  1 1/2 hours of three on three half court and you will instantly see the importance and value of 3-on-3 in improving and developing individual basketball skills to their fullest. 

In addition, after a long, hard season, 3-on-3 also saves additional wear and tear of players legs. Playing full court only reinforces current abilities. It also will help eliminate burn-out.

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