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Basketball Tips & Strategies – September

Featured Play: Reverse Action Motion Offense

Reverse Action Offense

The Reverse Action Offense was first introduced and utilized by the late Hall of Fame Coach, Pete Newell, back in the late fifties. It was the forefather of today’s triangle post and flex offenses. Although the basic guard around continuity is fairly simple, it is a bear to defend because of its precise execution and footwork. The weakside wing’s rub cut off a post screen to the basket is its most recognizable option; however, Reverse Action also affords for a very strong post up game along with a two player guard around isolation along with providing numerous quick hitting counters against any defensive overplay. To learn the details about the Reverse Action Offense – Click Here

Coaching Tips: Warming Up

Starting a strenuous physical activity, such as basketball, without proper warm-up is not only detrimental to a player’s health, but to their athletic performance as well. The warm-up period for basketball should be composed of some light running or shooting followed by a thorough stretching program. It should be of sufficient duration and intensity to adequately prepare oneself for the physical demands of the workout or game. The main purpose of a warm-up is to prepare for muscular activity, and is not an exhausting activity to bring on fatigue. Therefore, players should not expend themselves during the warm-up periods, especially before a game. To Learn more – Click Here

Defensive Tips: Two-Three Zone Defense

Two-Three Zone Defense

The 2-3 zone is the most commonly used zone defense. Since its 2-3 alignment allows teams to keep their big players inside, it is very strong in protecting the basket area and against dribble penetration. The 2-3 zone is also effective against poor outside shooting teams. However, on the other hand, the 2-3 zone is very vulnerable to good outside shooting teams.

Because of its packed-in alignment, the 2-3 zone is the most common choice of defense to use when teams are at a disadvantage when it comes to quickness, athleticism and skill. However, with quick and agile players, the 2-3 zone can become a very aggressive, trapping defense. It is also an excellent defense to use to defend against talented or big low post players. Learn more – Click Here

Playing Tips: Training Demands & Expectations

To be successful, each player as well as the team collectively, must be possessed with the desire and determination to develop superior physical condition. Throughout the course of the season the team will be pushed and trained hard. However, it is going to be up to you, individually, to see that your maximum physical condition is achieved and maintained. Learn more about the importance of physical training and conditioning – Click Here

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