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 HoopTactics provides basketball coaches, players and enthusiasts with powerful tools which insure strong player development and a greater enjoyment of the game. HoopTactics originated in 2000 as an NBA basketball website on the Rivals Network called "Pro Game Plan." Glen Nelson - former Sonic beat writer for the Seattle Times - asked Bob Kloppenburg and Ernie Woods to create a website containing the NBA's most commonly used offenses. With the demise of the Rivals Network in 2001, the highly successful Pro Game Plan website was incorporated into CyberSportsUSA.com, and it's name was changed to HoopTactics. It has since been continually enhanced and expanded to include offensive strategies, defensive strategies, coaching strategies and player development. HoopTactics ever-increasing popularity has established it as the world’s leading online basketball resource.

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We would like to gratefully acknowledge the direct and indirect contributions of countless, wonderful coaches that have freely provided their thoughts, experiences and insights through clinics, seminars and personal conversations in making HoopTactics a reality.

We would particularly like to thank all of our former players and assistant coaches, along with all of the opposing coaches that we have coached against for teaching us so much about the game.

We would also like to thank and honor all of our coaches under whose guidance we were privileged to learn and play. They not only provided us with the necessary knowledge and playing skills to play the game, but, more importantly, gave us the foundation and expertise for a highly enjoyable and successful coaching career and life.

A special thanks to our close colleagues and friends for their encouragement and contributions. We would like to thank Ernie's son, Robert, for all of his technical expertise, guidance and graphical work, without which HoopTactics would have not been possible.

Lastly, we would like to give our gratitude to the current coaches and players who have taken our advice for a successful season, and to all the youth coaches, on whom the future of the game depends, for all their volunteer time and the effort they put into the game.


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Who We Are

Bob Kloppenburg, Tom Newell & Ernie Woods

Together their basketball coaching/teaching experience adds up to over 100 years of involvement in the game. Through clinics, publications, and now the INTERNET, they have shared their basketball savvy with teams, players and coaches on all levels of the game throughout the world. You can find out more about Bob Kloppenburg & Ernie Woods by clicking the links below.

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Ernie Woods

Ernie Woods

Ernie Woods' basketball expertise and knowledge is highly recognized both on the national and international levels. His passion for teaching has led to a strong commitment to player development. He is the recipient of the prestigious Bellevue Bicentennial Outstanding Educator Award, Bellevue College's Exceptional 50, and Mira Costa High School's 2019 Distinguished Alumnus. He is currently a member of the United States Basketball Academy's advisory board and past president and board member of the Northwest Basketball Legends.

Woods had an outstanding collegiate basketball career at Washington State University playing under Hall of Fame coach Marv Harshman. As a teacher/coach, he is winningest coach in the history of Washington State community college basketball. His Bellevue teams won two northwest championships, seven regional championships, and fifteen conference titles. He received basketball's "Coach of the Year" honor seven times and was selected as the 1977 Basketball Clinician of the year by the United States Pacific Air Force.

Beyond his college coaching career, Woods has met the challenge of working with Australian, Brazilian, Chinese, German, Swedish, Spanish, Venezuela, Korean, and Japanese national and professional teams. He has been a consultant and scout for various NBA and WNBA teams, and produced playbooks for the Raptors, Nuggets, Sonics, Wizards, Fever, Shock and Sparks. In addition, he was a master coach for Adidas International's coveted Superstar Camps.

Woods has long been active in computer technology and its application to basketball as designer/adviser to Cybersports, Dynasport, SportsSoftware and Microsoft. He is also the co-founder and chief architect of the world's most in-depth, online look into proven basketball strategies – HoopTactics.com.


What the Coaches Say:

"Ernie is the most organized basketball coach in America."

- Dale Brown, Head Coach LSU Retired.

"The best defensive player I ever coached."

- Marv Harshman, Basketball Hall of Fame.

"One of the greatest teachers of the game. A coaches' coach."

- Pete Newell, Basketball Hall of Fame

"One of the most analytical minds in basketball."

- Bruce O'Neil, President, United States Basketball Academy


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Bob Kloppenburg

Bob Kloppenburg

Bob Kloppenburg has used five decades of coaching to develop his SOS Pressure Defense.  He has coached levels from high school to the NBA, most notably 12 seasons with the Seattle Supersonics.  As a defensive coordinator of the Seattle Supersonics, he contributed to three -  sixty plus win seasons.  

After an all-American high school career, Bob Kloppenburg played at USC and Fresno State. He started his coaching career on the the high school level. After which,  he coached college for 22 years at Cal Western, compiling a record of 369-161 while making five trips to the NAIA national tournament. On the NBA level, in addition to the Sonics, he has also spent time with the Rockets, Nuggets, Raptors, Bobcats, and Clippers.

Bob Kloppenburg is most notable for creating and developing the "SOS Pressure Defense" that is being used extensively in the NBA today. His SOS Defense is also implemented by many high school and college level teams around the basketball world.

He is the author of "SOS Pressure Defense" a best seller for coaches of the game as a resource on how to teach and implement successful pressure defensive strategies. He also has produced the popular series of "SOS Disruptive Pressure Defense" video tapes and DVD's.

Now retired from active coaching, he is still effectively teaching defensive strategies to coaches with his same patent vim, vigor and vitality. His reputation as an outstanding defensive coach and teacher, both home and abroad, has taken him to 14 plus countries around the globe.

What the Coaches' Say:

"Bob Kloppenburg is a defensive genius."

- Pat Riley, NBA Coach Retired

"Beyond a doubt, Bob, is one of the best defensive coaches."

- Bernie Bickerstaff, NBA Coach Retired

"One of the great tacticians in the game."

- Bill Musselman, Former NBA Coach

"A great mind in basketball, especially on defense."

- Fred "Tex"Winter, LA Lakers, NBA

More:   San Diego Union-Tribune Article: "Basketball strategy of ‘The Klopper’ sound as ever" Click Here


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Tom Newell

Tom Newell

Veteran basketball coach Tom Newell has spent over 25 years in the highest levels of professional and international basketball programs. This extensive basketball experience has earned him the reputation as an authority on player development.

Newell began his professional career in 1980 as an east coast scout for the Golden State Warriors. In 1984, he moved to Indiana to become the Director of Player Personnel for the Pacers. After two years in Indiana, Newell moved to the bench as an assistant coach with the Seattle Sonics. From 1990-1997, Newell worked with the New Jersey Nets, Milwaukee Bucks, and Dallas Mavericks. Coach Newell entered the realm of international basketball in 1995 becoming the head coach of the Greek professional team Iraklis. He was later named the Head Coach of the Japan National Men's Team. Coach Newell also worked for the United States Basketball Academy as Director of International Clinics in Korea, Japan, and the Philippines, and is currently a facilitator for FIBA's Olympic Solidarity Basketball Coaching Clinics.

Since Newell began his work with international programs, much of his time and focus has continued in the area of basketball fundamentals and curriculum both in the United States and abroad. In addition to his coordination of his "Best Effort" basketball camps and clinics, he has also developed videos, publications, and programs that have focused on youth participation in basketball, teaching young people, parents, and coaches the necessary skills to be a successful participant in the game. His non-profit organization, Coaches Who Care, Intl. is specifically designed to assist volunteer coaches at every level with a proper teaching model and participant/player development programs that will enable coaches and kids alike to have a positive experience with youth sports.


You can contact us by sending email to:  info@hooptactics.net


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