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Half Court Trap

Half Court Presses

One of the most effective weapons to slow down and disrupt a fast break team is with a half court zone press. Full court containment type presses can also be used to slow down fast break attacks. However, against good fast breaking teams that inbound the ball quickly, it is difficult to get set up in a full court zone press. Therefore, the preference is to use a half court press. Since most fast break teams rely on a single ball handler, this plays right into the strength of a half court press by forcing the ball handler to dribble penetrate down a sideline right into a primary trap zone and double team. Most half court press breaks incorporate ball reversal which will automatically stop any fast break attack.

In addition, opponents’ will normally only have one set half court press break. Once the primary options are taken away, it leaves them only with a disorganized free lance attack. On turnovers, defenders are already in fast break attack position. However, immediately upon stealing the ball, players must look first to pass ahead. This will result in easy baskets since the opponent will not have time to recover. Players should advance the ball on the dribble only if a pass is not available.

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