The Art of Teaching Basketball


The Real Satisfaction of Coaching

"Coaching lasts for a single day. Teaching lasts forever."

--- Pete Newell, Hall Of Fame Coach

In recent years, winning has become the primary focus in sports. This is even true on the collegiate and high school levels where the emphasis should be on education and learning. Coaches and programs are being evaluated by the number of games won rather than their program model and teaching abilities. Unfortunately, along with this increased importance being placed on winning, there has been a significant slippage in coaches’ teaching skills and abilities.

Constant full court games and tournaments, especially on the lower levels, have replaced teaching and skill development. However, winning is short term. The real success in coaching comes with teaching and assisting players to become the best they are capable of becoming “on” and “off” the court. Too many players are having bad experiences with coaches. Please make sure that the time that all of your players spend with you is a rewarding and positive experience.


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