Ponit Guard

Prepare for the best. When physical talent and abilities become even, then "little things" become paramount. When learning and refining basketball skills, it is just as important to learn "WHY" and "WHEN" as well as "HOW" to perform and execute them. By knowing what to do in certain offensive and defensively situations such as end of game, free throw, jump balls, out of bounds, full and half court pressure, as well as knowing the rules will certainly provide players with a definite competitive advantage.

Playing Smart

Successful players gain a competitive advantage by playing intelligently. Player performance is dependent on the correct execution of the basic fundamentals and timing. All the basketball skills and abilities in the world are of little value unless they are applied correctly.

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Seven Scoring Tips

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View End of Game: Fouling & Clock Management

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View Successfully Attacking Out Number Situations>

View Defending Out Number Situation Techniques

View Flight Time: Key to Rebounding

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Video: One Degree of Extra Effort (4 Min.)


View Gaining Possession of Deflections, Loose Balls & Saves

View Turnover Recovery -¬†Erasing Bad Plays

View Block Shot Recovery¬†& Making a Defensive Stop

View Things to Remember About Offense

View Things to Remember About Defense




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