Playmaker or Point Guard


Playmakers or Point Guards are team leaders "On" and "Off" the court. In addition to possessing great basketball skills, they play the game with great savvy. They are the "Coach" on the floor, staying focused and maintaining their poise and composure at all times. They are strong "energy" givers of a team making their teammates better.

Keys to Successful Playmaking

  1. Master the fundamentals. Playmaker must perfect passing, dribbling, and shooting skills. Will have control of the ball 60% of the time.

  2. Must be in top physical condition. Playmaker must play harder and longer than anyone on the squad. Train and stay in condition year round.

  3. Must possess poise. Playmaker must be able to think under fire and be under control. Must stay positive and play through adversity at all times. Don't ever allow a bad play or bad call disrupt or ruin your game.

  4. Must know teammate's abilities. Playmaker must know and take advantage of each teammate's strengths and capabilities.

  5. Must possess court savvy. Playmaker must be able to recognize opponents' defensive deployment and defensive mismatches at all times. Must also be alert to the score, time, team foul situation and timeout remaining.

  6. See the entire floor. Keep head erect and eyes focused at the basket area in order to keep see all cutters and openings. Must move the ball and get the ball to the open player. The playmaker should never dribble when it is possible to pass. Avoid the trap dribble and always end dribble with pass or shot.

  7. Must make good decisions. Good playmaker rarely turns the ball over. Take pride in passing and create open shots for receivers.

  8. Be clever, not fancy. Set up receivers for easy shots or pass reception. Be creative but do not "show boat." Having the ability to make the sharp, accurate pass, cannot be overemphasized.

  9. Do NOT press for scoring opportunities. Do not press to set up own shot opportunities, but shoot often enough to keep defense honest. Keep teammates happy by giving them share of scoring opportunities.

  10. Praise and reward teammates. Encourage and motivate teammates as much as possible. Acknowledge good effort. They will be motivated to work harder if they are confident that they will receive the ball when they are open.

  11. Must play tenacious defense. Playmaker must not only be a leader on offense, but must also lead the team in individual and team defense.

  12. Must lead off the court. Player maker must be a role model and leader on and off the court. Must be loyal, honest and respect others.