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"Cybersports Basketball" is simple program to learn and use. It only takes a couple of games to become very proficient. However, the reports and professional information it generates is very powerful tool and a real competitive edge.

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To be of value, statistics must be immediate and accurate. Inaccurate or incomplete stats have about as much value as no stats at all. Belated stats are also of little or no value. This is where Cybersports for Basketball excels. With its state of the art "Point & Click" data entry and statistician prompts, it not only insures immediate and accurate statistics, but, in addition, Cybersports for Basketball compiles comprehensive reports and advanced analytics that are quickly to understand and use.

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Need it now? Version 6 comes as downloadable file since most new computers and tablets do not have disk drives. This also saves mailing time and costs. The cost is $249 (USD). Cybersports license agreement allows our users to have your software on four (4) different computers.

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