Basketball Full Court Presses

Full Court Press

"When torrential water tosses boulders,it is because of its MOMENTUM;
When the strike of a hawk breaks the body of its prey, it is because of TIMING.
Thus the momentum of one skilled in war is overwhelming when his attack is precisely regulated."

   - Sun Tzu Wu, 450 BC

Extending the defense full court can be very potent weapon at times. However, its effectiveness is dependent timing and on the execution of the basic individual defensive fundamentals. The types of full court presses deployed will vary according to player personnel, and to the game situation. Depending on the circumstances, full court presses can be deployed to either increase or decrease game tempo. They may also be deployed as a change of pace or as a surprise tactic. Generally, press an inferior team, a slow team , when behind, or as a change of pace.

SOS Full Court Disruptions

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Basic Shadow

Shadow Up

Shadow Face

Shadow Blitz

Shadow Lock





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