Practice Guidelines


Practices should be designed with the objective of preparing a team physically, technically, and mentally for game competition. Pay attention to detail. Precise execution and footwork are vital. It is imperative to start building correct habits and techniques from the start. Physical habits do not change in a game. Practice makes perfect is only true if the proper mechanics are being employed. No nice tries! Insist on proper execution at all times.

Practice Not Games


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Prepractice Early Time (ET) - Setting the Tone For a Successful Practice

Proper Warm-up & Its Effect on Player Performance & Health

Importance of Cooling Down After a Successful Workout

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Printable Practice Schedule Form

Printable Practice Cards

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Physical Conditioning - "Players Are Only As Good As Their legs."

Brain Boosting Benefits of Cardio Exercise

Conditioning Drills

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Individual Offensive Fundamentals Drills

Individual Defensive Fundamentals Drills

Offensive Breakdown Drills

Defensive Breakdown Drills

Full and Half Court Scrimmaging

Fun and Game Drills

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Defensive Rebounding Fundamentals

Offensive Rebounding Fundamentals

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10 Principles for a Sound Offense

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Building a Sound Defense




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