Two Ball Passing

Individual Offensive Drills for Skills

"Despite, the size, conditioning and talent of today's basketball players, who succeeds and who fails is determined by who possesses fundamental skills."

Before any offense can be implemented, players must possess the basic offensive skills. Offensive fundamentals include shooting, pivoting, passing, dribbling, creating leads, post moves, outside moves, along with offensive rebounding techniques. Developing and mastering offensive skills and techniques is not easy task. It is a never ending process requiring countless hours of practice and refinement. However, with proper practice, players will not only improve their skills, but more importantly, they will increase their level of confidence and success. In improving individual skills, it also improves the team.

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Individual Player Shooting Drills

Five Spots (25)

Range Finder

Around the World Solo

"Ten" Outside Shooting

Swish (Free Throws)

Twenty-Five (Free Throws)

Free Throw Challenge Ladder

Daily Free Throw Shooting Log

Free Throw Marksman Club

Team Shooting Drills


Seven's (Spot Up Shooting)

King of the Court (Shooting)

Progressive Free Throws

One-and-One and Run (Free Throws)

"4 Up" (Free Throws)

"Make One" (Free Throws)

Dribbling Drills

Zigzag (Change of Direction)

Wolf (Speed Dribbling)

Cut Off & Control


Offensive Rebounding Drills

Boxing Out the Defender


Putback Shot w/Bounce

War in Paint

Passing Drills

Two Ball Passing


Shot Gun

Two Player Break


Competitive Drills

One-on-One Live

One-on-One Challenge Ladder

One-on-One Tournament

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