Game Preparation

Jump Ball

Be prepared and do your home work. You must prepare to win. Get your coaching done prior to, not during the game. Practices should prepare a team physically, technically, and mentally for game competition. Emphasis should focus on execution and effort. Players must also learn to develop the habit of working and playing hard at all times. Great teams are a result of the best players being the hardest workers. During a game, you cannot expect players to execute anything that has not been covered in practice. Be sure to develop specialists, and never take an opponent for granted or go into a game "Blind."  Amass as much information as you can from other coaches, game and season statistics, video and live scouting.

Offensive Preparation

View Proper Execution of "Off-Ball" Screens

Types of Off-Ball Screens

View Proper Execution of "On-Ball" Screens

Types of On-Ball Screens

View Principles for Attacking Zone Defenses

Zones - Basic Reads & Counters

Proven Zone Offenses

View Guidelines for Successful Out of Bounds Plays

Proven Out of Bounds Plays

Printable Out of Bounds Plays

Defensive Preparation

View Individual Defensive Skill Development

Individual Defensive Drills for Skills

View Disrupting Off-Ball Screens Fundamentals

Types of Off-Ball Screens to Defend

Defensive Breakdown Drills for Skills

View Attacking On-Ball Screens

View Defending Out of Bounds Plays

View  Defensive Free Throw Situations

View Defending the Super Star

View Defending the Footer

Game Preparation

View Establishing Significant Player Roles

Vital Importance of 6th Person(s) Role

Developing a Defensive Stopper

Developing a Strong Inbounds Passer

Designated Free Throw Shooter(s)

View Winning Jump Ball Situations

View Know Your Enemy - Professional Scouting



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