Defensive Free Throw

Vital Free Throw Box Outs


An offensive rebound during a free throw situation is a "RBP" (Really Big Play). Therefore, defensively, players should be well drilled on the boxing out techniques on all free throws. Championships are lost because of a failure to box out on free throws. When an offensive rebound is allowed, it is very important for the defense to become "ERASERS" and increase their defensive intensity and effort to come up with a defensive stop. Offensive rebounds don't hurt unless the opponent scores.

Stepping Up the Lane

Feet together

Step Up the Lane

On free throws, it is very important that the defenders stand with both feet together and step up the lane (not into the lane). Having the feet together allows the players to step further up the lane. Players must also keep their hands up in elbow high position ready to rebound.

Blocking Out

Players must communicate to make sure that the shooter is boxed out. Games can be lost because of the free throw shooter not being boxed out. Boxing out the free throw shooter, can also distract their concentration.

On multiple shot situations, to prevent any line violations, players should relax on the first attempt.

CAUTION: Once inside position is established, the defender must be careful not to get push too far under the basket. Maintain inside position by spreading out with both hands high and use your butt to push the offensive player away from the basket.


Pinching Against a Good Rebounder


Step Up the Lane

Players have the option of pinching (double team) against a really good offensive rebounder. Players stand next to the offensive rebounder with both feet together and hands up in elbow high position. As the ball leaves the shooter's hand, both players step together boxing out the opponent.

Pinching on both sides

It is highly recommend putting as many defensive rebounders on the line as rules permits. In games where the rules allow five defensive players on the lane line during a free throw attempt, it provides for pinching to occur on both sides.


5 Stars

Early Push Off Free Throw Situation

Do not forget to install and practice an early push out of a free throw situation. Players need to know exactly what their assignments and are responsibilities for both a made and missed free throw. When executed to perfection early push off a free throw usually ends up with an easy shot off an out numbered situation.

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