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HoopTactics is a comprehensive Online resource designed to greatly enhance your basketball knowledge, expertise and appreciation of this great game. From top professional ranks to the beginner youth levels, HoopTactics has something for everyone.

HoopTactics is comprised of a multitude of in-depth, easy to understand, graphical presentations that take you deep into the world of basketball with hundreds of proven offensive, defensive, coaching and playing strategies that will help you win on the court, in the locker room and on the bench.

Whether you are looking for new ideas or just looking to refresh your memory, you will not find a better basketball resource. Guaranteed. HoopTactics presentations are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can surf and learn at your own pace. You will return again and again to HoopTactics for new answers, new motivation , and new ideas.

You won't find a more intense or comprehensive study of basketball strategies anywhere else in the world, guaranteed.


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Basketball is a very time consuming endeavor. Time usage is very critical. There will never be enough hours in the day. Therefore, making the most of the time that you have is vital. Searching the web is a time consuming endeavor. HoopTactics' streamlined navigation system allows you to find and get to where you want to go in just a couple of quick clicks or taps.

HoopTactics is broken down into four major categories: Coaching Strategies, Offensive Strategies, Defensive Strategies, and Player Development.

Coaching Strategies
Premium offfense
Premium Defense
Premium Player

These four major categories are further broken down into sub categories containing a magnitude of in-depth, easy to understand, graphical presentations that take you deep into the world of basketball.

New & Improved Scrolling

To cut down on searching time, many of the HoopTactics’ related presentations are now group together which allows for finger scrolling on iPads, tablets, smart phones, etc.

Related Items Links

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HoopTactics’ presentations contain “View” and “Learn More” buttons. These are links to related items that allows you to dig deeper into the subject matter. In addition, “View/Print” buttons link to printable forms, drills, etc. Printable pages are also indicated by the "Blue" text links.


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Unsoliciated Accolades

Users' quotes

Here are a few of the unsolicited accolades and comments our users have sent.

"HoopTactics is the most amazing basketball resource I've ever come across!" - Joel Hueser

"This is an awesome resource!”- Justin Kamm

"The most comprehensive and informative website on basketball strategy I’ve ever seen." - Brian Prince

"A treasure trove of great ideas." - Dereck Atencio

"Great site! Really enjoy it and have learned a lot." - Paul Niland

"What a find! HoopTactics is exactly what I have been looking for." - Jamie O’Louglin

"I love the concept behind HoopTactics." - Kevin Orr

"Wow, what an incredible basketball resource." - Tony Hugill

"Thank you. I have learned so much from HoopTactics." - Ronnie Jones

"The best on the net to learn about basketball tactics." - Todd Oakerton

"By far the best resource on the web. The content is so completely organized and the illustrations superb!" - Rick Larsen

"I have read and gleaned over just about every page. There is so much information." - Lyle Hicks

"What a resource! Thanks for all the great tips and add me as a subscriber." - Bill Cornell


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