Defending the Footer

Defending the Footer

A talented tall or wide body post player can be a real problem to defend. They definitely require special defensive adjustments and support in an effort to neutralize their physical advantage. Post defense requires a total team effort. The player guarding the passer must have active hands, exerting maximum pressure. Helpside players must sag off and provide strong backside help, and good teamwork is needed in executing post traps.

Individual Post Defense

Beat to the Block. Post defense is played before the post receives the ball, not after. Force the "Big" to adjust and set up out of their normal operating area.

Push Off the Block. When playing behind the post, push off the block and away from basket.

Front or "Face Guard." Deny and attack the passing lane into the post with strong backside defensive support.

  Post Face

Influence the Ball Away from Post

Post Defense

In most cases good offensive post players have one solid "Go To" move, and prefer to set up on one side of the basket. Therefore, defensively, you want to influence the ball away from that side of the floor and force them to operate from their weakest side.

Deploy Post Traps

Post Trap

The importance of individual post defensive fundamentals cannot be over emphasized. However, when facing a talented big player, sound individual post defense can be augmented with a post traps to insure total disruption.

  Post Disruptions

Extend the court by Pressing Full Court

Executing press breaks against full court press, requires the post to move out away from the basket.

  Full Court Presses

Use of a Two-three Zone

2-3 Zone

With its inside strength, the 2-3 zone becomes a viable defense to stop or limit the effectiveness of a good or tall post player. However, some simple adjustments are required in order to create double and triple teams on the low post player.

  2-3 Zone Option

Use of a Diamond & One combination Defense

Diamond & One

Using a Diamond & One combination defense with the chaser fronting or facing the post can be an effective option.

  Diamond & One







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