Defending Super-Star


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5 Stars

Denying a Super Star the Ball

  1. Use a defensive chaser and play full out pass denial with "Stop Sign" (hand) out. Make the player work hard to get the ball (expend energy).

  2. Provide defensive help. Do not allow one-on-one isolation. If/when a mismatch situation occurs, "Go Green" and trap with near man.

  3. Take an offensive charge. An offensive charge is a RBP (Really Big Play) in that it will put the outstanding player into foul trouble and cut down on their aggressiveness.

  4. Box Out. Do not allow player any offensive rebounds or second efforts.


5 Stars

Influence the Ball Away

  1. Influence ball handler to opposite side of the court of the super star.

  2. Weakside defenders sag off and invite reversal pass to opposite wing.

  3. Establish box pressure by not allowing any return passes.

5 Stars

Attack Offensively.

Make star player play defense (expend energy).

  1. Bust out on offense. Force the start player to run back on defense.

  2. Dribble penetrate. Drive to the basket hard and draw a foul.

  3. Run the star player into multiple, hard screens.

  4. Go to offensive boards. Force the outstanding player to box out (expend energy).


5 Stars

Employ a Combination Defense

Box and One
Box and One

Diamond and One
Diamond and One

Triangle & Two
Triangle and Two


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