Offensive Breakdown Drills

Offensive Drill

Coach players not the system. It's not what you run, but how you run it that counts. Basketball is not a game of offenses and defenses, but a game of effort and execution. Be creative and design your own offensive breakdown drills that will fit your specific needs and player abilities. Insist in correct spacing and timing along with precise footwork and execution at all times. Bad habits can be practiced as well as good ones.

Pre-season build your defense first. You can add offense at any time. However, pre-season training is the only time during the season that provides ample time to build a fundamentally sound defense. In installing your defense first, it also provides offensive benefits since you want to practice against good defense. Practicing against poor or “dummy” defense will not adequately prepare players for games. To be successful, players need to practice against good, hard nose defense. Your offense will most likely struggle at first. However, players will soon learn to adjust to creating good leads, making crisp, accurate passes, etc.

Offensive Problems

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Early Offense - Transition Drills

Wolf One-on-One Full Court

Two Player Break Series

Three Player Break Series

Post Fly Three Player Break

"Michigan" Three Player Break

3-on-2 / 2-on-1 Full Court

Continuous 3-on-2 with Trail

5 Player Break (Back-to-Back-to-Back)

Press Break 7-on-5 (Longest Run)

Half & Full Court Scrimmaging


2-on-2 Offensive Breakdown Drills

Triangle Entries

Weakside Two Game

Down Screen & Side Screen Combo

3-on-3 Three Breakdown Drills

Sideline Triangle

UCLA Combo: High Post Rub, Down Screen & Side Screen

Hawk Combo: Shuffle Cut, Down Screen & Side Screen

Zipper Combo: Dribble Clear, Down Screen, Ball Reversals

Base Cross Combo: Base Screen, Post Ups, Ball Reversals

Horns Combo: Double High Posts Dribble & Pass Entries

4-on-4 (Shell) Break Down Drills

Triangle Entries & Weakside Two Game

Successfully Avoiding & Attacking Double Teams



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