Successful Scrimmaging


“Game Slippage” actually starts with practice. During practices most coaches do an excellent job of teaching through break down drills. However, when it comes to scrimmaging, the majority are very poorly conducted, officiated and very seldom analyzed. With players reverting back to old habits, scrimmaging can actually become detrimental. Scrimmages are not pickup games. Following are proven ways to get the utmost out of scrimmages and make them productive.

Caution Scrimmaging

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Half Court Scrimmage Variations

Defensive Stops (5-on-5)

Defense & Break (5-on5)

No Hands Defense (5-on-5)

Cutthroat (3-on-3)

Forcing Shot Clock Violation (5-on-5)

Full Court Scrimmage Variations

"Gut" - Defensive Stops

No Dribble

Defensive Substitutions

Free Throws & Substitute


Free Throw & Press (Longest Run) 

Winners Stay On

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Important Scrimmage Thoughts to Consider



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