Team Defense

Things to Remember About Defense

  1. Poor defense is the number one cause of defeat.

  2. Good defensive teams are the ones that win big games and championships.

  3. Ball Pressure is the single most important element of tem defense.

  4. Play every play with the same intensity as the last play of the game.

  5. Defense starts prior to your opponent receiving the ball, not after.

  6. You are never too late on defense - always hustle back.

  7. All players, regardless of size, must be prepared to defend post ups.

  8. Be aggressive and prevent the opponent from playing their normal game.

  9. Good defense promotes the best scoring opportunities.

  10. Out of bounds lines are a defender's best ally.

  11. Be alert and anticipate. Never be caught standing or watching.

  12. Communicating on defense is a must. Use quick words (“Ball”, “Jam”, “Shot”, etc.)

  13. Pressure all shots with both hands up. Stay down, box out and rebound.

  14. Develop individual and team pride on defense. To be successful players must work together and help each other out.

  15. Defend with your legs and eliminate reaching fouls.

  16. Never give up the three point play. If you must foul, do so before the player shoots.

  17. Defense is stable, and seldom has bad nights. Good defense will beat good shooting.

  18. Good defensive effort usually results in more playing time.

  19. Team defense cannot be better than the defense of each individual.

  20. The “best defense” is an offensive rebound.


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