The Importance of Making Defensive Stops

Defensive Stops

Defensive Stops are the determining factor of any game.

A Defensive Stop is a possession in which the opposing team does not score. Defensive Stops are a result of offensive turnovers and defensive rebounds. Defensive Stops don't just happen. They are a product of solid defensive play.


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Developing "Defensive Stoppers”

Defensive Stopper

Having an outstanding defensive player, one who not only can deny or disrupt a great offensive players from receiving the ball; but, in addition, are masters of one on one defense and push points is essential to any championship hopes. Like shooters, stoppers aren’t born and just don’t happen. They must be development and nourished.

Successful Defensive Stoppers are a result of having solid on and off ball defensive fundamentals along with a strong attitude and relentless determination. They are highly challenged and motivated when it comes to stopping and frustrating the opponent’s leading scorer. They thrive on the responsibility and opportunity of denying a good shooter a last second shot opportunity.

However, this attitude and self-confidence must be created, fostered and supported by the coaching staff throughout the season. Since a Defensive Stopper’s role is primarily that of a defensive specialist, any offensive output is a bonus. Their job is to stop not score.




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