Making Sound Substitutions


What to Discover or Recall:

Discover the importance of taking the guess work out of substituting by informing the players as to the planned substitution order and timing.

Learn that players should be made aware that it can be a real advantage to come off the bench.

Understand that any time a player comes out of game to make it mandatory to sit next to coach for communication purposes.

Realize that if you plan on using a player, be sure to get them some playing time in the first half.

Learn to rest your starters and develop the team's depth early in the season.

Substitution Roles

Come game time, a team should be well prepared technically, physically, and mentally. If the coach has done a great job of teaching and each player knows their role and assignments, substitutions should be just, basically, limited to keeping players rested and out of foul trouble.

However, players should be well aware that it can be a real advantage to come off the bench since it gives a player the opportunity to watch and analyze their opponent actions and strengths. Offensively is the opponent a penetrator? A spot up shooter? A post up player, A screener? An offensive rebounder? etc. Defensively, how do they defend the post? are they zoning? If so, what type of zone and where are the open shots? Also, because officials have a tendency for the officials to call more fouls at the beginning of the game, by coming off the bench these early foul calls can be avoided.

Suggestions & Tips:

On the collegiate level, where RPI ratings are important for post season play and ratings, resting top players is very difficult. However, the basketball season is like a marathon, and you need players with "Fresh Legs" at the end. Forget the stats and rest your top players whenever possible. Go for the "Gold." Many of Championships are lost because of tired legs.

Strategic Substitutions

Mercy Rule

Lineup Analysis

After the game, in addition to boxscore reports and shot charts, be sure to review the various lineup reports. Examine the most used lineups, most productive lineups, best line up to make defensive stop, and best lineups to force an opponent turnover.

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