Defending Stack Alignments

Invert Technique

Stack alignments are primarily used to free up a shooter. Players align themselves in tandem on the lane line with the screener on top. When this occurs the defenders should immediately invert.

Like with all off ball screens, it is also important the defender guarding the passer to pressure and force them into dribbling away from the stack alignment.



Defender X4 forces shooter O2 to step out by blocking O2’s path to the basket. When O2 steps out off O4’s screen, X2 executes an aggressive jump switch denying the passing lane from O1. Defender X4 steps over screener O4 into a strong pass denial position taking away O4’s roll to the basket option.

Stack Weakside Action

If O2 should go opposite O4’s screen along the baseline, X4 blocks O2’s initial cut allowing X2 to dive into a strong pass denial position on O2. Defender X1 exerts maximum pressure on ball hander O1.

Stack Don'ts

Problem of chasing OVER the screen

Defender Chases Out Reciever Curls

When the defender CHASES OUT, the shooter curls off the screen for a quick open jump shot or can continue to the basket to the basket for an easy layup.


Problem of going UNDER the screen

Reciever Fades Reciever Back Cuts

When the defender goes OVER the top of the screen, the shooter can fade to the corner for open jump shot or back cut to the basket for easy lay-up.


Problems of SHOWING & RECOVERING against the screen

Screener Slips Screen

When the defenders show and recover, the offensive screener can fake the screen and cut away to the basket for an easy lay-up.