Attacking Down Screens
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Jump Switching Technique

Jump switching is the most effective way to disrupt down screens. Automatically jump switching eliminates any hesitation or indecision on the part of the defenders. It not only totally disrupts any type of screening offensive flow; but also results in fewer fouls being committed. However, successful jump switching does require a team effort:

  1. Player guarding the screener must alert teammates of coming screen, and then jump out and aggressively block the shooter's path coming off the screen.

  2. The player being screened must take away roll option by stepping over the screener into a strong pass denial position.

  3. The player guarding the ball handler must pressure and force the passer into dribbling.

Jump Switch Phase 1 Jump Switch Phase 2


When offensive player O2 sets a down screen for O4, defenders X2 and X4 execute an aggressive jump switch. Defender X2 jumps out blocking the receiver O4's path to the ball and then assumes a strong passing lane denial. Defender X4 takes away the screen and roll option by stepping around the screener O2 and assuming a strong pass denial position. X1 pressures ball handler O1.

INVERTING Against Down Screen


Anticipate a down screen when bigger player starting out high. In this situation, if at all possible, "Invert" (switch opponents early) prior to screen in order to keep big players inside on switch.

Chase Out with "V Step" Option

Chasing out using the V-Step technique becomes a viable alternative to jump switching in situations where big players set screens for small players and inverting is not possible.

V-Step Phase 1 V-Step Phase 2

Defender X2 chases out under O4's screen moving to the outside shoulder of O2 to get around the screen. After reaching screen, X2 completes the V-step by diving back to the inside of O2 and assuming a strong pass denial position. X4 helps out by stepping out ("Shows") into the passing lane on screen. Defender X1 pressures ball handler O1 with active hands.


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Down Screens - Don'ts


Problem of CHASING out against the screen

Curl Option Curl for lay up

When the defender CHASES OUT, the shooter curls off the screen for a quick open jump shot or can curl all the way to the basket

Problem of going OVER the screen

Fade Option Back Cut Option

When the defender goes OVER the top of the screen, the shooter can fade to the corner for open jump shot or back cut to the basket for easy lay up.

Problem of Showing & Recovering

Cut Away Option

When the defenders show and recover, the offensive screener can fake the screen and cut away to the basket for an easy lay up.