Attacking Diagonal Screens

Jump Switch Technique

Diagonal screens (pass and screen away) are common place in motion offenses. Similar to disrupting down screens, jump switching is the most effective way to disrupt diagonal screens. Automatically jump switching not only eliminates any hesitation or indecision on the part of the defenders; but, more importantly, takes away the passing lane disrupting any type of offensive flow. To be successful jump switching does require a team effort:

  1. Player guarding the screener must alert teammates of coming screen, and then jump out and aggressively block the shooter's path coming off the screen.

  2. The player being screened must take away roll option by stepping over the screener into a strong pass denial position.

  3. The player guarding the ball handler must pressure and force the passer into dribbling.

Back Screen

Back Screen Switch

When ball handler passes and goes away to screen, the defender must first jump in the direction of the pass to take away any basket cut. Once the screener moves away from the ball, the defender assumes a Helpside I defensive position. When shooter O3 comes off the screen, X1 executes an aggressive jump switch denying the passing lane to O3. Defender X3 steps over the screener and takes away any basket roll option. Defender X2 pressures the passer O2, forcing O2 to the baseline pushpoint.


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Diagonal Screens - Don'ts

Problem of chasing OVER the screen

Chase Under Screen

When the defender chases OVER the screen, the shooter can curl cut to the basket for lay up.

Problem of Showing & Recovering

Chase Under Screen

When the defenders Show and Recover, the screener can simply break off the screen and cut to the basket for an open lay up.

Problems of chasing UNDER the screen

Chase Under Screen

When the defender goes UNDER the screen, it can result in an open jump shot for the shooter or ball reversal.

Problems of cheating OVER the screen early

Chase Under Screen

When the defender cheats over the screen early, the shooter can just back cut for a lay up.