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Pressure Defense

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Disruptive Pressure Defense is a team oriented defense based on an aggressive philosophy and attitude.
Rather than reacting and countering offensive actions, it takes the initiative and disrupts an offensive team’s attack.
As a result, the offensive team is forced out of their normal operating areas and patterns allowing the defensive team to become the aggressor and controlling force.


Defensive Workaaholic


This is the foundation on which Disruptive Pressure Defense is built. Preventing the other team from scoring is just as important as points scored. Every blocked shot, every bad pass, every rushed shot, every turnover, and every disrupted offensive pattern are vital to the outcome of the game.

Obviously in the game of basketball, the offensive player has a big advantage over a defensive player. However, Disruptive Pressure Defense can neutralize this advantage with sound defensive fundamentals and teamwork. Team defense does not only eliminate all one-on-one isolations and player mismatches that may occur during a game, but it also provides defenders with strong, helpside support and quick hitting double teams which, in turn, allows them to exert more pressure on the ball hander without any fear of getting beat.

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The Importance of Defensive Stops

Defensive Stops are the determining factor of any game. A Defensive Stop is a possession in which the offensive team does not score. Defensive Stops occur as result of offensive turnovers and defensive rebounds. Defensive Stops don’t just happen. They are a product of solid defensive play.

The key to Defense Stops?

Disruptive Pressure Defense


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Four (4) Keys to Success

The beauty of Disruptive Pressure Defense is that it is simply comprised of basic defensive fundamentals. Once players have a working knowledge of the defensive fundamentals, a solid team defense is in place. With a solid defense in place, and taking full advantage of the basic concepts of trap zones, pushpoints, and box pressure, teams are then able to deploy a variety of quick hitting baseline and post traps to further attack and take the opponents out of their set offenses. As a result of the forced turnovers and rushed shots, Disruptive Pressure Defense becomes your best offense weapon.

  1. Constant ball pressure: In pressuring the player with the ball, it makes shooting, passing and dribbling more difficult and increases the chances of an offensive mistake.

  2. Persistent passing lane attack: By attacking and denying the passing lanes, it also helps out the player guarding the ball by forcing the ball handler into dribbling or making a difficult pass.

  3. Strong backside help: In providing on ball defenders with strong backside support, it allows them to exert more pressure on the ball handler without the fear of getting beat off the dribble.

  4. Aggressive rebounding: The importance of rebounding defensively cannot be over emphasized. A team can play tremendous defense and force a bad or rushed shot, but this defensive effort will be wasted if the offense is allowed to rebound the missed shot.


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Player Requirements

Disruptive Pressure does not require great quickness and/or athletic ability to be successful. On the contrary, with proper defensive fundamentals and team work, players with lesser abilities can compete very successfully against teams with talented players. Although traps and double teams certainly play important roles, the primary strength comes from a working knowledge of basic defensive fundamentals and teamwork.

Defensive Fundamentals

Defensive fundamentals, like their offensive counterparts, must be broken down and practiced constantly on all levels of basketball. Players need to know and practice how to guard the player with the ball, how to guard a player without the ball, how to guard a cutter, how to guard a player in post area, and how to box out and rebound on shots. By using short, descriptive words to teach the various fundamental skills, players will quickly learn to play defense aggressively. By emphasizing and developing individual defensive fundamentals, players are able play more confidently on defense without the fear of getting beat.

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Defense Practice



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Sequential Teaching Progression

One of the big advantages of Disruptive Pressure is the simplicity and the ease of teaching it. By using short, descriptive words to teach the various fundamental skills, players quickly learn to play defense aggressively. Disruptive Pressure progresses naturally from one-on-one, to two-on-two, to three-on-three, to four-on-four, to five-on-five techniques. Be sure to include the “when” and “why” along with the “how” when teaching and developing player and team skills. Most programs do not have a lot of practice time, therefore it is imperative that you analyze and organize your time wisely. In teaching disruptive pressure, you may have to teach and incorporate some of the techniques and skills as the season progresses.


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Results & Benefits

Proven results & benefits you can expect from Disruptive Pressure Defense include:

  1. Keeping your opponents from executing their set plays.

  2. Significantly decreases the opponent’s shooting percentage by forcing more rush or bad shots.

  3. Generating more bad passes and turnovers per game which results in easy transition baskets that increase scoring averages and shooting percentages.

  4. Increasing the number of defensive stops, which results in an increase in the number and magnitude of offensive runs and blitzes.

  5. Removing the ball from opponent’s best ball handler’s/leader’s hands.

  6. Eliminating all one-on-one isolations.


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Team & Season Success


Defense and Age


The real key to success resides in the coach’s ability and desire to teach fundamental defensive skills and techniques. Since Disruptive Pressure is a team effort, it does take time to develop. Coaches must have patience and determination. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t experience real success early in the season. Just remember, it’s most important how your team is playing at the end of the season that counts, and that’s when Disruptive Pressure Defense is at its best.







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