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Hey, you die-hard, devoted teachers of the game out there: There is a way to meet and beat any offense thrown your way. "SOS Pressure Defense" spells "HELP" for your program!

Bob Koppenburg

SOS Pressure "D" can disrupt the most potent offenses with techniques and tactics that dictate the flow of the game. Based on the concept of total disruption, SOS defensive tactics set the tempo by striking first rather than reacting to an opponent's game plan. Total disruption is achieved by forcing offensive players to react and move away from their normal offensive actions. Whether you are disciple of pressure, a zealous advocate of the zone, or philosophically somewhere in between, SOS Pressure Defense has something for you.

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NBA Defensive Guru, Bob Kloppenburg, shares the basics of pressure "D" at its devastating best! The individual SOS defensive fundamentals and teaching techniques presented will enhance your team's defensive performance and guarantee success no matter which basic system you favor.

DVD: Encyclopedia of the "SOS" Defensive System DVD

Get an in-depth look into SOS Pressure Defense with NBA legend Bob Kloppenburg.
This three-part clinic series is a one-of-a-kind presentation on basketball's most respected defensive system. You'll learn terminology, drills and teaching points which allow you your team to disrupt ANY offense.

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DVD: Advanced SOS Defensive System

Advanced SOS

Bob Kloppenburg dissects more than 15 popular offenses illustrating the versatility of SOS Pressure Defense and its effectiveness against any and all possible offensive strategies. This DVD is the perfect supplement to the Encyclopedia of "SOS" Defensive System set.

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Book: SOS Pressure Defense (6th Edition)

SOS Book

One of basketball's all-time best-selling books now features a newly released chapter on "trapping with 'near man' rotations." Advanced Pressure Defense Scenarios. SOS Pressure Defense is the "how to" guide for coaching pressure defense in a logical and sequential progression.

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Book: SOS Pressure Defense (E-Book Edition)

SOS Book

." Advanced Pressure Defense: Sequential Ongoing Strategies" now available in E-Book formats.

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Kindle Edition

iPad Edition


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SOS Coaching Tools


Three disk set
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Advanced DVD

Advanced SOS
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SOS Book

SOS Book
Four Edition Price: $25.00
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