Installing an Early Offense & Press Break


Teaching & Implementation

Execution not Play

The key to the success of an early ofense is in its precise execution and coordination. Get coaching done prior to, not during a game. Coach players not the system. It's not what you run, but how you run it that counts. Use the time tested "Whole-Part-Whole" method of teaching. Be creative and design your own offensive breakdown drills that will fit your needs and player abilities. Insist in correct spacing and timing along with precise footwork and execution at all times. Bad habits can be practiced as well as good ones.

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Coaching Objectives

Fast Break Components

  1. To develop the poise and confidence in attacking presses.

  2. To develop the ability and attitude to run press break on every possession.

  3. To develop the ability to force the defense into defending the entire court.

  4. To develop the ability and intelligence to make the proper outlet/inbound pass.

  5. To develop the ability advance the ball quickly under control with short, crisp passes. .

  6. To develop the ability to successfully attack outnumbered situations.

  7. To develop the ability to combat and attack double teams.

  8. To develop the ability to flow directly into early offense when the press break does not produce a good shot.

  9. To develop the ability to anticipate missed shots and go to the offensive boards.


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Whole-Part-Whole Method

Start building your press break the first day of practice using visual means when available. On the court, demonstrate and explain all of the player roles and responsibilities. Then have the players walk through these basic options along with their defensive reads and counters. Next, employing the "Whole-Part-Whole Method" break down the press break into its components using a series of progressive breakdown drills. One-on-One, Two Player Break, Three Player Break, Four Player Break and Five Player Break drills. Lastly, go live, motor skills must be learned at game speed.


You want to practice against good defense. Don't wait until game time. Motivate the defense. For example, have the defense make 5-6 stops (combination of defensive rebounds, offensive turnovers, and steals) before they can go to offense. No dummy defense! The toughest defense you face all season should be in practice. The offense will probably struggle at first. However, players will learn to adapt to the importance of creating leads and attacking defensive pressure. Press break should be an integral part of every practice. Basketball is a game of habits.



Drills for Skills

Skills Coach

Proven Transition Drills to Improve Individual Player Skills & Team Performance

Transition Conditioning Drills

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Game Strategies

Break on every possession




The Case for the Defense

When teams continuously push the ball up the court and flow into early offense, it can prevent or hinder the best of preplanned defensive disruption scenarios. However, by applying defensive pressure immediately, it will not only disrupt any fast break and early offense flow, but it can also catch a team unprepared to counter defensive pressure on missed shots off guard, resulting in easy steals and baskets.

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