Early Offense

Early Push

Early Offense is Composed of Three Phases

These three phases include an initial early push, a continuous flow into an early set, and concluding with a continuity style of play. The initial push phase into offense end of the court before the defense can get organized and established, creates not only out numbered situations, but severe mismatches as well. However, when the early push does not create a good shot or advantage it is important to move right into the offensive flow phase without allowing the defense to set up. If the early flow set does not produce a good shot or an advantage, it is important to move right into the third and final phase with a continuity style of play as the shot clock winds down.

Flow Diagram

Early Offense Flow Chart


5 Stars

Keys to Success

Before exploring the "How's" along with the "Whys" and "Whens" of Early Offense, it is often helpful to see the whole picture before the pieces of the puzzle are then put together. Strive to develop the following offensive mentality, attitudes, and abilities:

Counter defensive pressure before it takes its toll with early offense initiative.

Play disruptive, tenacious defense

Rebound with authority and determination

Push the ball at all times

Flow into set offense without disruption

End the offensive flow with an organized continuity offense

Go to offensive boards with determined aggressiveness



Some Thoughts To Consider

Key to Early Offense


  1. Transition begins with defense. Good defense provides for offensive mistakes and errors which are the foundation of a successful break.

  2. You cannot break without the ball. Go get it.

  3. Always look for the fast break opportunity on every possession.

  4. Never start break from dribble. Start dribble from run.

  5. A quick but safe outlet pass is the key to the fast break.

  6. Do not dribble when it is possible to pass ahead.

  7. When throwing a long pass, lead receiver to the basket (elbow).

  8. Anticipate and fill lanes quickly. Run wide and see the ball.

  9. Do not expect to get a lay-up every time. Look for the open jumper or bank shot.

  10. Last person down court does not cross half court until the break is stopped.

  11. Quick transition is a must in attacking zone defenses.

  12. Must be in better physical shape than any opponent.

  13. Receive passes with feet in air and make a jump stops.

  14. Go to the offensive boards. Must score to be successful.

  15. Most errors and turnovers are committed during the scoring phase of the break.





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