Flex Offense


"Pick the Picker"

The Flex offense is a powerful screening game utilizing strong baseline and down screens. The continuous "Pick the Picker" screening action puts a tremendous burden on the defense by having to defend two different types of screens simultaneously. Teams that exhibit good patience will surely create open shots. The Flex continuity also provides strong offensive rebounding and second efforts by constantly having two rebounders on the weakside.

Offensive Fundamentals Required

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Schematic Sequence

Flex Sequence

| Basic Continuity | Back Cuts | Various Entries | Pop Variation |

Basic Continuity

Flex Rotation

"Pick the Picker"

O1 passes across to O2 as O5 steps out to corner initiating "Pick the Picker" action. O3 comes off O5's baseline screen and O1 screens down for O5. O2's options are to shoot, feed O3 on baseline cut, pass to O4 in corner or hit O5 popping out off O1's down screen.

Flex Reversal

Ball Reversal

If/when O2 passes to O5, O1 steps out to corner, and O4 comes off O3's baseline screen. O2 then down screens for O3 on weakside completing the "Pick the Picker" action. If/when O5 passes to O3 the flex continuity repeats.

Flex Post Feed

Corner Pass - Post Isolation

If/when ball is passed to corner, O1 and O2 screen away for O4. Corner O3 looks to feed O5 posting up strong.

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Flex Bump

Bump Back

If/when O3's defensive player X3 anticipates the baseline cut and cheats below post screen early, O3 starts baseline cut, but bumps back off O1's and O5's double screen for shot.

Flex Back Door

Back Cut Against Overplay

When O2 is being overplayed by defender X2, O4 breaks high and receives pass directly from O1. O2 back cuts to the basket for the back door feed from O4. O1 follows pass for two game action with O4 if back door cut is not available. O4 also has option of setting a back screen for O2 initiating a direct over the top lob pass from O1.

Flex Weakside Lob

Weakside Lob

When O4 flashes to high post and the pass is denied by defender X4, O4 immediately back cuts to basket looking for an over the top pass from O1.

5 Stars

Back Cut (vs Defensive Over-Play)

Back Cut

When the defensive player over plays denying the guard to guard pass, the passer should pump fake a pass with the receiver stepping out to draw the defender further out and then making a strong back cut to the basket looking for a pass and easy lay-up. Should the post defender sag off to help, then the receiver can make a drop pass to the post for an easy shot. If the receiver does not receive a pass, they clear out to the weakside corner. The weakside corner replaces the back cutting guard to continue the flex continuity.

Back Door Play

Back Door Action

When the guard to guard pass is overplayed, the weakside corner can break to the elbow to receive a pass from ballhandler O1. O4 then feeds the overplayed guard O2 back cutting to the basket.

Back Door Defensive Over-play

Anytime the defender X4 over plays and denies the corner's break to the elbow, O4 back cuts to the basket looking for a lob pass from O1.


Back Cuts


5 Stars

Various Entries

The Flex Offense lends itself well to various types of entries as well as being a good continuity option for most any set play.

| High Post Rub | Shuffle Cut | Dribble Clear |

High Post Rub

UCLA HIgh Post Rub Entry

Ballhandler O1 makes a strongside entry pass to O3. Post O5 steps up and sets a back screen for O1. O1 cuts over or under O5's screen for lay-up or strong post up. O2 and O4 can exchange on weakside.

UCLA Entry Continuity

If wing O3 does not feed O1, O3 makes a reversal pass out to O5 stepping out. O5 then passes to O4 initiating the flex continuity.

Weakside Shuffle Cut

Shuffle Cut Entry

Ballhandler O1 passes to O3 as post O5 steps out and sets a back pick for guard O2. O2 breaks over or under O5's screen for lay-up or strong post up.

Shuffle Cut Entry Continuity

If a good shot is not available, wing O3 intiates the flex continuity by making a reversal pass back out to O1. Post O5 steps out and O3 cuts off O2's baseline back screen.

Dribble Clear Action

Zipper Action Entry

Ballhandler O1 dribble clears wing O3. O3 back cuts to basket looking for a feed from O1 and then loops up to the elbow off O5's screen. O1 looks to feed post or wing.

Zipper Cut Continuity

If a good shot is not available off the Zipper action. O3 initiates the Flex Offense continuity by making a guard to guard pass.


5 Stars

Variation - "Pop"

Flex Pop

Weakside Double Screen

The base screen action can be augmented with a weakside double screen. The corner receiver instead of cutting high or low off the post baseline back screen, pops out to the elbow off the guard's down screen. This pop out creates added defensive problems by providing the receiver with three options: going low, going high or popping out.

Pop Variation

Ballhandler O1 makes a guard to guard pass and down screens. Corner O3 instead of breaking off O5's baseline back screen, pops out off O1's down screen for shot.

Flex Pop Continuity

If a good shot is not available off the down screen, O3 continues out as O1 clears to the corner and O5 sets a back screen for O4. O2 makes a guard to guard pass to O3 initiating the flex continuity.

Advanced Flex Options

O4 has the three options of cutting over or under the back screen or popping out for shot.

Offensive Rebounding


Offensive Rebounding


Box Out the Defenders

With the Flex Offense, since shooters will most often receive the ball going away from the basket, offensive rebounding can be a problem. Therefore, offensive rebounding responsibilities and techniques must be stressed and practiced. Rather than size and strength that is required for defensive rebounding, offensive rebounding requires anticipation, determination, and hustle. Players must develop an attitude as well as an instinct for the ball. Be aggressive and determined. 2nd and 3rd efforts should be common place. Want the ball. Anticipate a missed shot and get inside. Do not ever stand behind and wait for rebound.


Offensive Rebounding






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