Attacking Pressure

Press Break Guidelines

Inbounds Pass

1. Spread the floor

Bypass & eliminate as many defenders as possible.

Take as much "Real Estate" (distance up the court) as the defense will allow.

"Close the Distance" (make someone guard you) prior to passing.

2. Employ a slow to quick tempo

Work the ball into the middle, then attack.

Create leads and meet the ball.

Lead the receiver when throwing long.

3. See the floor and move the ball

Receive the ball with back to sideline in triple threat stance.

Use sharp, crisp passes.

Get passing done early.

Look for and attack out numbered situations.

4. Take care of the ball.

Use the dribble sparingly.

Do not pick up dribble. End dribble with shot or pass.

Avoid passing off the dribble (use jump stops).

Eat the ball rather than throw it away.

5. Analyze the type of press

Always be prepared & anticipate pressing situations.

Take advantage of press weaknesses and weak players.

Take good shoots and crash the boards.

Maintain defensive balance.


5 Stars

Some DON'Ts About Press Breaks

Inbounds Pass






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