Stack (Zipper) Spread Offense


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Rather than spreading out the floor, the Stack Offense takes the opposite approach and compacts the players into two stack alignments just outside the free throw line. This allows the ballhandlers to manuever from sideline to sideline. The Stack offense cuts downs or eliminates turnovers by keeping the ball in the possession of just three ball handlers. The other two post players act as stationary screeners unless help is needed. When the player with the ball dribble penetrates to a wing, the ballhandler on the same side pops out off the post screen for a pass.

Basic Rotation & Continunity

Penetrate and Pop

O1 dribble penetrates to a wing as O2 pops out off O4's stationary screen.

If O1 can not beat his defender to the basket off the dribble, O1 passes out to O2 popping out off O4's screen and then assumes the stack position below O4. O2 has option of dribble penetration to either wing.

When O2 dribble penetrates to O3's side of the court, O3 pops out off O5's stationary screen.

Basket Roll Option

Anytime a player is overplayed, they should back cut to the basket immediately. Do NOT fight defensive pressure.

Defense Antipates Pop: If/when defender x2 anticipates and overplays to disrupt O2's pop out to the top of the circle, O2 can make a quick roll to the basket for an easy shot.

Defense Shows & Recovers: If/when the post defender X4 steps out ("Shows") to help disrupt the passing lane to from O1 to O2, post O4 can roll to the basket for easy layup.

Dribble Penetration

Anytime the defender does not protect the basket, the ball handler has the "Green Light" to drive hard to the basket

Baseline Drive:On O1's dribble to the wing, when the defender X1 does not defend against a drive to the basket, O1 has can turn the corner and drive hard to the basket for a easy layup .

Drop Pass: If/when the post's defender sags off to help out on O1's drive to basket, post O4 rolls to the basket looking for a drop pass from O1 and easy basket.

NOTE: Ballhandlers should have great patience and avoid any offensive foul situation when attacking the basket on dribble.

Back Cut Option

Whenever the the passing lane is overplayed or denied the receiver back cuts to the basket. Do not fight the defensive pressure.

Back Cut: If/when defender X2 over plays the passing lane from O1, O2 back cuts to the basket. When possible, post O4 sets a back screen for O2. O1 looks to feed O2 on back cut or to pass to O4 stepping out.

Post Step Out: When O2 back cuts to the basket, post O4 steps out as a pressure release. If O1 cannot feed O2 on back cut, O1 passes to O4 and recieves a retun pass from O4.

Resetting Continuity: O2 and O4 re-establish their stack alignment at the free throw line. O1 has option of dibble penetrating to either wing.