Ten Sure Ways to Improve Your Shooting



Made not born


Players have a tendency to work hard on their shooting form and offensive moves. However, there is more to shooting than proper mechanics. The following are ten sure ways to improve shooting and become prolific shooter.

  1. Get Open Before You Receive the Ball

  2. Have Good Shot Selection

  3. Know When to Shoot

  4. Shoot with Consistency

  5. Concentrate on Shot

  6. Shoot with Confidence

  7. Practice Good Shooting Habits

  8. Set Good Screens

  9. Become a Proficient Passer

  10. Acknowledge the Pass


1. Get open before you receive the ball

Create a solid lead to set up the shot you want. However, be sure to time your lead. Creating a lead too early or too late will not work. Also, don't fight defensive pressure. If/when a defender denies or disrupts the passing lane, back cut to the basket or screen away.

Against tenacious defenders, you need to be proficient in setting up and using screens to get open.

2. Have Good Shot Selection


Hoped Shots


Know your ability and shooting range. During a game work hard to create an open shot within you range. Don't let your ego or outside pressures take you outside your range.

Early in the season determine your shooting range for five different spokes (right baseline, left baseline, right wing, left wing and straight out from basket) radiating out from the basket. In almost all cases, each of these spokes will have a different range.

Range Finder Drill

Range Finder Drill

Two Ball Shooting Drill

This drill is best with three players and two balls (rebounder, feeder and shooter). However, it can be done with just two players (rebounder & shooter). The shooter keeps shooting the ball along one of the designated shooting spokes (area).

Any time the shooter makes three shots in a row, they take a step backwards (away from the basket).Any time they miss three shots in a row, they take one step forward. Players will quickly find their comfort or sweet spot.

Players should check their ranges periodically as needed. Shooting range can be increased with improved shooting techniques and form (practice) as well as improving physical strength.

3. Know WHEN to shoot

Passing up a good shot is just as damaging as taking a bad shot. Know where your teammates are before shooting. Make sure no teammate is open for a better shot. Be aware of defensive players and offensive rebounders' locations.

4. Shoot with Consistency

Be on balance. Take off is with opposite foot of shooting hand. Hold ball high with wrist back and elbow pointing directly at the basket. Release ball quickly but do not hurry. Ball should have good back spin. Follow through. Keep shooting hand and fingers extended until ball goes through the basket. No free shooting. Concentrate on making every shot in every practice and every game.

5. Concentrate on the Shot

Shoot with touch. Focus on the rim. Do not watch the ball - a shooter that take eyes off the target usually blows the shot.

Focus on the shot despite any distractions of noise and movement. You should have only one thought on your mind, and that is MAKING the shot.

6. Shoot with Confidence


Three C's


To be a good shooter, a player must have the confidence in his shooting ability. "You are only as good as you think." Confidence is the end result of CONCENTRATION and CONSISTENCY.

7. Practice makes Perfect


Besst Shot


The secret to good shooting is countless hours of hard work and concentration. This why coaches love to see baskets in players' backyards.

However, practice good shooting habits. Practice makes perfect is only true if the proper mechanics are being employed. No free shooting, Practice the types of shots that you will normally take in a game.

Use the BEEF principle to analyze and improve your shot:


Beef Principle


8. Set Good Screens


Good Screens


In using a screen, set up the screen by first stepping toward the basket. If the defense does not react, continue for an easy shot. When the defense does react, "Center the Screen" by stepping into the screener with inside foot and then around screener with outside foot. Have both hands up ready to receive the ball for a quick release.

9. Become a proficient passer

Improving your passing will build better shooting because the principles and techniques involved in throwing to a teammate are the same as shooting at the basket. This is why great shooters are also great passers.


Open Player


10. Acknowledge the pass

A good shot starts with a good pass. In acknowledging your teammates' feeds, it will result in receiving more and better passes from them in return.

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