Practice Guidelines


Practice Moments


Basketball players must realize that their natural ability can only take them to a certain level. Whether or not they can exceed that level will depend upon the effort that they put forth practicing and improving. Players must work hard to overcome weaknesses. It is easy to practice something you already do well, and that is exactly what most players do.

However, the best way to get better is to work on your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths. If you are having shooting problems, learn to shoot the correct way and then practice. If you have trouble dribbling with your weak hand, then practice dribbling with that hand. If you need to improve your defensive quickness or jumping ability, practice footwork and jumping drills. With proper practice players will not only improve their skills; but more importantly, you will increase their level of confidence and success.


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Practice Expectations

1. Be on time to practice.

This means ready to play mentally as well as physically. Never miss a practice unless excused prior to the practice. If late, report before dressing. Never leave the floor without permission.

2. Take proper care of self and equipment.

Keep a neat practice appearance and use proper conduct. No profanity. Remove wrinkles from socks & lace up shoes tight.


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3. Be in top physical condition.

You are only as good as your legs. Stress proper diet and rest.


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4. Concentrate -- Listen and learn.

When a coach blows his whistle, immediately hold all balls and give full attention. No extra shots or dribbles.

Move quickly to get in position for each drill.
When activity is stopped to correct an individual, or a team, pay close attention in order that you will not require the same correction.

5. Give your best effort at all times.

Come to play! No one steps on the floor without full hustle attitude.


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6. Make your teammates better.

Team success is in direct relationship to individual sacrifice.

Praise and encourage your teammates. Acknowledge every assist, good rebound, and good defensive play.
Make your opponents targets, not your teammates. Avoid any criticizing, alibiing or complaining.

7. Play through adversity.

Possess the ability to bounce back, and don't let a bad call or mistake ruin your game.

Do not dwell on mistakes, turnovers or missed shots.
Think ahead and anticipate. Make it a habit to play in the future not in the past.
Defensive stops erase or cancel all turnovers and bad calls no matter had bad!


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Best Effort