End of Game Leading

Three Point Shot

Defending Against Three Point Shots

Be prepared for the end of game situation where the opponent, in order to mount a come back, must start taking desperation three points shots. In this situation do not rely on luck and hope that they miss. Think about protecting your lead by deploying an inverted 1-2-2 extended zone defense and rebound.

"Inverted 1-2-2 Zone"

I-2-2 Zone

The one-two-two extended zone is inverted by having the tallest players assume the high positions in order to defend against the three point shot. Do not allow any open or uncontested shots. Defenders should contest all shots by having both hands up. Pressure the shooter, but do not foul. Close out on balance. Do not try to block three point shots or run past the shooter. Stay down and REBOUND!!!

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Deploy a Half Court Press

Half Court Trap

Since attacking half court presses involves ball reversal, in deploying a half court containment press, such as "X" it will help take precious time off the clock. It will also prevent and stop any quick dribble penetration into the front court since the ballhandler would dribble directly into a trap.

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Rebounding in this situation is critical.

Do not allow any second efforts. Anticipate long rebounds and box out. Be alert for "air-balls."

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