Post Season Program Review

Coaches Meeting

A Key to Future Success

After a long season, coaches need to take some time off to recuperate and re‐charge their batteries. However, before doing so, while it is fresh in your mind, review, analyze and evaluate the past season. Total program reviews are a must to setting goals and laying a solid foundation for the next season's play. Examine exactly what was accomplished, what was successful, what was unsuccessful, what needs to be improved in the coming year, what was outside of your control and how can it be prevented in the future? To improve you must ask and answer hard questions. Then use this information to set goals and objectives for the coming season. Remember, if you are not improving, your opponents are!


Staff Communication
Player Communication
Parent Communication
Teaching Methods

Master Plan & Playbook

Offense: What work and what did not work. Why?
Defenses: What work and what did not work. Why?
Situations: What work and what did not work. Why?
Player Development: What work and what needs improvement?

Player Personnel

Goal is to replace every player. Note: Players can replace themselves with improvement.
Returning Players? Needs?
Off season player development program
Organization & leadership of feeder programs.

Preseason Preparation & Practices

Tryouts & Squad Selection
Establishing Player Roles
What needs to be taught better?
In-Season player development

Game preparation

Statistical Analysis
Video Review

Game Adjustments

Rotations & Substitutions
Time outs
Clock Management
Coaching through adversity

Self Improvement

Organizing all of your drills along with your offensive and defensive schemes in writing.
Conferring with successful coaches especially on your level of coaching
Attending Clinics, Seminars, & basketball camps
Learning more about teaching methods and learning
Going online to websites such as HoopTactics

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Basketball coaches, just like any other member of the teaching profession, need to evaluate their own program and personal performance. Personal evaluations are something that is generally disliked. However, they are vital to the improvement of any coach and basketball program, especially the self‐evaluations.

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Player and Staff reviews are vital to a total program review.

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Program Reviews are Essential to Successful Goal Setting

Success is not by chance or luck. Successful people have learned the value of setting specific goals and focusing their efforts toward achieving them. “Goals are the bridges that allow you to cross from DREAMS to REALITY.” A program and coach “without goals is like a ship without a rudder.” Goals are what give direction to physical and mental training and improvement. They are the basis of self-motivation and the foundation of all achievements. However, goals must be personal. Something that you as a coach, personally, want and have a strong desire to pursue and achieve. It is because of this intense, personal desire to reach goals that will push you through adversity to success.

Accomplishing goals and making dreams come true is incredibly satisfying. However, it is the journey, not the destination, that is the most important and rewarding part of dreams. You must never stop improving and making it a goal to get better each and every day in some small way. Daily improvements eventually add up to huge gains. You should always keep moving forward setting new goals and dreaming new dreams. You may never reach their ultimate, long term dream. However, this is irrelevant. The important thing is that you will become like your dreams.

Have high ambitions, not expectations. High expectations can only lead to big disappointments. While, on the other hand, high ambitions never get disappointed and are the basis to all success. You must stay ambitious, making every day the best it can be. One day at a time. The best and most productive place to be is in the present. Too much time thinking about the past causes regret. Too much thinking about the future causes worry.

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