Shuffle Offense

Shuffle Offense

What to Discover or Recall:

The Shuffle offense, predecessor of the Princeton, Flex, Hawk and Reverse Action offenses, uses teamwork and player movement to create high percentage shots. With all five players in constant motion and a treat to score at all times, it eliminates any defensive help and double teaming. It will also draw tall or big players away from the basket area and out of their defensive comfort zones.

Although there are several variations, the origins of the Shuffle Offense dates back to Bruce Drake at Oklahoma. Not be confused with a dance step, the shuffle offense is a sequential series of options designed to incorporate all five players in a rotating pattern. Since every player rotates through each position or spot, it is an ideal offense for teams that lack height. Because of the team concept very little dribbling is involved. In lieu of one-on-one skills, all players must be highly trained in the basic offensive fundamentals of passing, receiving, spacing, screening and rebounding. Players must also value the importance of ball possession and the price associated with any turnover.

Offensive Fundamentals Required

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Schematic Sequence


| Continuity | Rub Cut Reads | Flash Cut | Back Cuts |


5 Stars

Basic Continuity


Option #1

O3 makes a reversal pass out to O1 and walks defender X3 into O5's screen. O1 relays the ball to feeder O2. O2 then looks to feed O3 making a rub cut off O5's screen for layup. O4 establishes weakside rebounding position.


Option #2

If O3 is not open on rub cut to the basket, O2 looks to pass to O5 popping out off O1's down screen.


Option #3

O4 flashing into middle as O3 clears out to corner.


Overload Opposite

If O4 is not open on flash into middle, O4 continues out to set a screen for O2. O5 steps out and O1 creates a lead on weakside. O2 makes a reversal pass out to O5 to initiate shuffle cut action to the opposite side.


Option #1

O2 makes a reversal pass out to O5, who in turn, makes an entry pass to O1. O2 walks defender X2 into O4's screen and then makes a hard rub cut to the basket. O1 looks to feed O2 for layup. O3 establishes weakside rebounding position.


Option #2

If O2 is not open on rub cut to the basket, O1 looks to pass to O4 popping out off O5's down screen. O3 flashes to middle. The Shuffle cut continuity continues when O1 makes a reversal pass out to O4.


5 Stars

Rub Cut - Reads & Counters

The basic post rub or shuffle cut is the heart of the offense. Once the first cutter makes a reversal pass out to the point, they walk their defender into the post's screen and then break to the basket according to how the defense reacts. Since all players are interchangeable, every player must know the various reads and counters. Basic defensive reads and counters:

Cut Under

READ: Defender plays to the outside and CHASES OVER the screen.

Counter Cut Over

When the defender X3 assumes an outside position and trails over the screen, O3 cuts hard over the top of O5's screen directly to the basket looking for a pass from O2 for layup.

Rub Under

READ: Defender plays to the INSIDE in a PASS DENIAL position.

Counter Cut Under

When the defender X3 plays to the inside in a pass denial position and O3 cuts under O5's screen to the basket looking for a pass from O2 for layup.


READ: Defense SWITCHES on the screen.

Counter Switch

Anytime the defense switches against the rub cut, O5 sets the post screen facing the basket and O3 goes over the screen. O2 looks to feed O5 on direct cut to the basket.</p>


READ: Defender anticipates and CHEATS UNDER the screen early.

Counter: Bump

Anytime the defender anticipates the rub cut and goes under the screen early, cutter O3 bumps back off of O5's and O1's double screen for shot.


READ: Post defender SHOWS & RECOVERS on the screen.

Counter: Post Up

If defender X5 shows to help out against O3 basket cut or O3 is not open, O5 pops out off of O1's down screen for shot. NOTE: Best shooter should start out in the five spot.


5 Stars

Flash Cut Options

The third option of the shuffle offense is a flash into the middle by the corner player. The corner or flash player roles change from rebounder, to shooter, to screener.



1. Rebound

On the first two options of the shuffle offense, it is important that the corner O4 anticipates missed shots and establishes baseline rebounding position.

Flash Cut

2. Flash

If O2 does not feed O3 on rub cut or pass to post O5 popping out off O1's down screen, O2 looks to pass to O4 flashing into middle.

Back Cut

Back Cut Counter Lob

If defender X4 physically denies O4's flash cut to the middle, O4 back cuts to the basket anticipating a lob pass from O2.


3. Screen

If/when O4 does not receive the ball on flash cut, O4 continues out to the side post and sets up for a screen for O2's rub cut to the basket.


5 Stars

Defensive Overplay Options

Because of its unique spacing and overload alignment the shuffle offense allows for immediate back cut counters against any defensive overplay. In fact, any time the defense overplays a passing lane, the back cut counter actually provides for an easier shot opportunity.

Back Cut

Wing Back Cut

If/when defender X2 overplays and denies the passing lane from O1, O2 back cuts to the basket. O1 looks to feed O2 on back cut.

Dribble Clear

Dribble Clear

When defender X2 overplays the passing lane, O1 can also dribble clear O2. Wing O2 holds an open stance facing dribbler O1. As O1 approaches, O3 takes a hard step towards O1 with outside foot and then makes a quick back cut to the basket pushing off with outside foot. If the back cut pass is not available, O3 moves to the point position and rotates out to the cutter position.

Back Door

Point Back Door

If/when the pass out to the point is denied, wing O2 breaks to the free throw line. As O3 passes to O2, O1 back cuts to the basket looking for a feed from O2. O3 and O5 set a double screen for O4.

Post Lob

Post Lob

If/when defender X5 fronts or assumes a 3/4 high side denial on O5, O3 can lead post O5 to basket with an over the top pass. Post O5 seals off defender X5 and releases for shot only after the pass is directly overhead.





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