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The Side Screen is a powerful, easy to learn motion offense utilizing a series of "On Ball" side screens. The continuous On Ball screening action puts a tremendous burden on the defense by having to defend it's quick hitting options. Teams that are not adequately prepared to defend side screens will be in for a long night. In addition, it's quick ball reversal continuity forces the the defense to defend the entire court sideline to sideline. The constant player movement also makes it difficult for the defense to box out on missed shots.

Offensive Fundamentals Required

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Various Entries

The Side Screen action can be triggered either by the point guard dribble clearing the wing or by passing to the wing and making a basket cut clearing out to the weakside of the court. Although most entries are made on the right side of the court, screen motion can be initiated on either side.

Post rub

High Post Rub

O1 passes to wing O2 and make a high post rub cut off O5. If not open, O1 continues out to opposite corner and O5 steps out and sets a side screen for O2.

Dribble Clear

Dribble Clear

If ballhandler O1 dribbles to wing, O2 back cuts to basket. If not open, O2 continues to opposite corner and O5 steps out to the wing initiating side screen action.

Clear Out

Pass & Clear

Ballhandler makes an entry pass to O2 and clears to opposite corner. If the defender turns their back to the ball, O2 can make a lob pass to O1. O5 steps out and sets a side screen.

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Basic Side Screen Actions

The basic option of the Side Screen is for the wing to drive over the top of the On Ball screen. The dribbler has the options of:

  1. Turning the corner for a drive to the basket

  2. Executing a pull up jumper if the defense goes below the screen

  3. Making a return pass to the post cutting away to the basket or popping out to the corner after setting the screen.

  4. Making a kick out pass to spot up shooters if a weakside defenders drop off to help out against dribble penetration.

Post rub

Wing Drive

Wing O2 dribble penetrates to the basket off O5's side screen.

Dribble Clear

Screener Roll

When the defense "Shows & Recovers" Screener O5 rolls to the basket. Ballhandler O2 passes to O4, who has a better passing angle, feeds O5 rolling to the basket. Defender X5 showing does not have time to recover back to O5.

Back Cut

Ball Reversal - Back Cut

Wing O3 back cuts to the basket looking anticipating a pass from O4.

Dribble Penetration

Side Screen - Dribble Penetration

If O4 does not feed O3 on the back cut, O4 then passes to O1 initiating "Screen & Roll" action.

Dribble Handoff

Dribble Hand off

When O4 cannot pass to O1, O4 can execute a dribble hand off with O1. O1 looks to dribble penetrate off the hand-off or passes to O2 who looks to lob to O4 rolling to the basket.


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Side Screen Continuity

Back Cut

Back Cut

O5 back cuts to the basket looking anticipating a pass from O2.

Side Screen

Side Screen & Roll

If O2 does not feed O5 on the back cut, O2 then passes to O3 initiating "Screen & Roll" action.

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Read & React

What if the defense . . .

Screen & Roll

Read: Defense "Shows & Recovers"

Counter - Post Slips the Screen

O1 passes to O2 who looks to feed O4 rolling to basket.

Back Cut

Read: Defense Switches

Counter: Outside Mismatch

Against defensive switches, O5 pops out to corner isolating wing O2 One-on-One against a bigger defender O5.

Dribble Penetration

Post Mismatch

When the defenses switches, post O5 can also take advantage of posts up strong against the smaller defender X2.

Screen & Roll

Read: Defense Double Teams (Traps)

Counter: String Out

When the defense traps, O2 strings out the double team. O5 steps out to the corner and O4 assumes the high post position creating a 2-1-2 alignment. When the ball is pass to the high post, the baseline corners cut to the basket for feeds. If the ball is passed to the baseline corner, the high post rolls to the basket.





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